Taurus woman - Libra man: peace or war?

sensual and sexy woman Taurus meets the charming and soft-spoken man Libra.What can we expect from the meeting "Taurus woman - Libra man"?It will pass?He did not look at her?Or break out the spark?And, maybe, reliable friendship?

Open horoscope: Libra man - a dreamer, and party-goer, is not constant in the affections, easy-going, it infects enthusiasm.He lives communion.Info hunger for it - the most terrible feeling.New knowledge, new experience - without it for Libra life is not sweet.Male Libra - connoisseurs, has a delicate artistic taste, loves and appreciates female beauty, a born designer, the eternal optimist, he did not know what depression is.Sadness next to him does not live.Such Libra man.

Taurus woman - the personification of Mother Nature.She was born to be a wife and mother.Her house is always burning fireplace, a table piled with tasty dishes sparkling clean floors.If the choice between the parties and the house, the woman Taurus prefers home.It is not inclined to modify and adhere

s to the position "once and for all life."This seriousness is fraught with periodic bouts of sadness.

What makes this pair, being in the same room?As long as they close, everything will be perfect.Inexhaustible optimism Taurus Libra will pull out of the viscous depression as a carrot from a loose bed.No one other than the Taurus Libra will not bring out of the impasse in which they are in their throws himself so skillfully driven.

In tandem marriage "Taurus woman - Libra man," it serves as a pedestal for his statue.Taurus harnessed in strap to provide a standard of living, which are used to balance.This woman Taurus is sincerely touched by the man Libra decorate their nest.Their joint home is comfortable and without luxury.There may be conflicts on financial grounds.Libra man - a master of the construction of the castle Fata Morgana.For his fabulous life it promises nothing but new promises.Taurus also need firm ground under his feet, a full wallet and no debt.Children - as a pretext for quarrels.Male Libra - bad father.It does not help in the upbringing of the child because of his inconsistency and try to minimize their participation in his life, under the guise of work.Taurus woman is ready to devote himself to posterity.In it, she feels sales by 100%.Often it is the children lead a marriage Taurus and Libra tear.

bed - a place for insatiable passion, sensuality to the point of rudeness.That it sees Taurus woman.Libra man - more refined.He is ready to punctuate long gentle caress compliments, making intercourse refined.Gradually, the couple will come to a compromise: a female Taurus to become more inventive and affection male Libra will be less ephemeral.

In the hands of a pair of "Taurus woman - Vesy- man" any work lights.They are not afraid of difficulties and fit together like two pieces of the puzzle.Libra - is overflowing energy that Taurus will send in the right direction.Soft and delicate management of Taurus and Libra bottomless box of ideas to optimize their joint work made effective.