Reinforced adhesive tape: the unique properties and applications

Among the many newfangled materials have appeared in recent years, widespread got reinforced adhesive tape.The scope of its rather wide.That is why the production of the insulating material is very popular.

All the secrets of Scotch

What is the reinforced adhesive tape?He is considered one of the types of aluminum foil, irreplaceable in the construction work.Like its "big brother" reinforced adhesive tape is the tape, which is often necessary for the insulation work.Usually such material is made of cotton fabric.During the further manufacture it is laminated with polyethylene.

There is another version of this product - Scotch tape, fiber reinforced.This product is an improved version of any species of tapes and has many advantages.

secret of reinforced adhesive tape

What are the advantages of this adhesive tape?Why is it superseded all other types of insulation and building materials.A great many reasons for this.

  1. reinforced adhesive tape has the properties of the dielectric.It does not cond
    uct electricity, so using it as a means of insulating very profitable.The price is cheaper, and the quality of work is the same.
  2. High strength results in that an adhesive tape is almost impossible to break.This is quite convenient, because not every material can withstand high mechanical loads.
  3. It is virtually impossible to stretch, making it a reliable lock.
  4. durability.Such tapes are highly durable.They do not lose its properties even after several years of use.
  5. have adhesive tape, made with fiberglass, all of these added capabilities and excellent thermal stability.They easily withstand elevated temperatures.The performance characteristics of these tapes indicators surpass all other materials in the 7 times.That's a pretty impressive figure.

Scope scotch

Widespread use of the material provided him popularity and success.Most often reinforced adhesive tape used:

  • The works of conditioning and ventilation.
  • as joints for pipe insulation.
  • For devices that perform functions vapor barrier.
  • as sealing and protective means (for example, when it is necessary to protect equipment from moisture, dust and so on).
  • In the production of household appliances (usually in the microwave, refrigerator).
  • for packaging all types of cargo.
  • Scotch reinforced - black or any other dark color - used for the repair of rubber hoses or car seats.

Rules of

To reinforced adhesive tape retains all its properties and has been used with maximum efficiency, you should observe a few rules.

  1. Keep this material is better in a dry place where the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees.
  2. Relative humidity in the room should be no more than 50%.
  3. At a temperature of less than 10 conventional reinforced adhesive tape should be avoided.

In general, the low cost and the unique properties of this material make it virtually indispensable for construction and for the packing of goods.