Constantly updating the fleet, "Aeroflot" is mindful of its 90-year history

Airlines judged by several indicators, in particular by how large a fleet of aircraft."Aeroflot" today does not occupy the first place in the international ranking, but for decades in the number of aircraft held steady leadership.

Company "Dobrolet", created in 1923, was engaged in air taxi driver, exploiting airplanes "Fokker" made in Germany.Meanwhile, the young Soviet Republic aviation industry is growing rapidly, despite the many difficulties and shortages.

just a dozen years, since 1932, the Soviet fleet was the largest airline in the world.This is not surprising, under socialism there was no competition, a monopolist in the field of air transport, as in other spheres of economic activity, was the state, which owned fleet."Aeroflot" offers such a variety of technical, some could not afford any other airline.

From 1932 to transport passengers within the USSR used domestic aircraft.In the same year was established a new official name of the Soviet airline.

Fleet "Aeroflot" in the postwar d

ecade were largely airliners Li-2, which in the US began to mass-produced license since 1939.

Each generation of aviation technology in the Soviet Union to build more, by world standards, print runs."Workhorse", carrying the lion's share of passengers in the middle highways served and IL-14, and then come to replace the An-24.In the big cities cruised jet airliners Tu-104, Tu-134 and Tu-154, replacing Eli-18.All these planes were made not only for the Soviet airline.Civil aviation of the GDR ("Interflug"), Poland ("Offer"), Hungary ("Malev"), Cuba ("Aero Karibbian") and many other countries, not only socialist, was equipped with a well-proven technology, produced in the USSRand amounts to a huge fleet."Aeroflot" has been, however, the main customer of our aviation industry.

addition workaholic celestial sky on international routes plied unique aircraft champions.Intercontinental posts have supported the Tu-114 and Il-62, originally created to transport government delegations.Tu-144 was one of two mass-produced passenger supersonic aircraft.Freight provide super heavy transports, which were created for military purposes, but is also suitable in the peace business (AN-22, AN-124, AN-225, IL-76, BM-T).On the sides of the fuselage with restrained dignity they all carried the same winged emblem of the "hammer and sickle" and the inscription "Aeroflot".Fleet was as unique as the machine itself, its components.

Today, the company "Russian Airlines", will retain the same abbreviation, operates a variety of techniques, some of which is purchased abroad, including the "Boeing" and "Airbus".However, the flagship of the domestic air fleet is considered to be IL-96."Aeroflot", reviews of passengers who values ‚Äč‚Äčtoday as high as ever in the Soviet past, can be proud of this machine.Not without reason it has become a presidential board.