Universal milling machines for metal

parts with complex profiles are used in a variety of modern devices.And they are made by different methods - casting, stamping, welding, and, of course, cutting.And in this case are indispensable milling machines for metal.They can be used to produce rough, finishing and surface treatment of parts of both simple and shaped.Moreover, the blank may be cast iron and steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics.Yet in many milling machines can drill, countersink and bore holes.And the use of a rotary table or dividing head makes it possible to manufacture gears, sprockets, shaft-pinion gear and other items.

Therefore, milling machines for metal can now be found on the large enterprise, and in a small workshop.They are suitable for single and serial production.And the rigidity of such aggregates is high enough to ensure high machining accuracy.A large range of spindle speed and feed makes it possible to use various milling and drilling tools.And on the location of the spindle milling machines for metal can b

e vertically and horizontally.Also in industries where there is a need to produce large batches of identical parts of the highest quality, using copy-milling models.A rotary milling machines provide an opportunity to make continuous processing.

For example, the former Soviet Union was a popular universal milling machine metal model 6R12.However, it can be found in many plants now.But today, machine tool builders produce it more perfect analogue - 6T12 that best meets modern requirements and has more features.Its power drives allows the use of a tool that is equipped with plates of hard and synthetic superhard alloys and milling of high speed steel.Even the milling machine for metal, the price of which corresponds to its quality, has a rotatable spindle head.With it (by manual axial feed mechanism) can make a hole, which are arranged at an angle reaching up to 45 degrees to the plane of the table.

Milling machines for metal of this type have high performance, durability and reliability.They are characterized by high quality and accuracy.These units have individual guide and automated grease lubrication units.Especially these functions are suitable for mass production.Such machines have a mechanism for the proportional deceleration innings.A tool clamping in the spindle of the machine is a mechanical.In addition, movement to the coordinates is controlled by electromagnetic clutches.Another similar device spindle brake when stopping and drive innings overload protection Mechanical overload clutch.Also, this machine meets safety.And in this regard it has a safety device which protects the miller from flying chips.