Aluminum (sulfate or sulfate) - a brief description of the use

Aluminium (sulfate or sulfate) is a complex inorganic substance.It is a white salt with a characteristic bluish tint (shade of pink admit).Crystalline colorless.Hygroscopic.The water dissolves rather quickly.

solution of aluminum sulfate is often used for water (for coagulating impurities settle and filter have no problems), in the treatment of textiles.In a slightly alkaline environment (as in the neutral) form a precipitate (insoluble gelatinous pigment) used in the fabric dyeing and printing.

Aluminium (sulphate or sulphate) will neutralize great garden soil with a high pH.This property is used by gardeners seeking re-flowering of some species of flowers.

Aluminum (Sulfate, of course) is included in a series of anti-perspirant.However, the question of its negative impact on the skin is given more and more often.It is believed that he is capable of in the frequent use of cause irritation and even allergies.

used aluminum sulfate (sulfate) in the construction business (as an accelerator, water

proofing).Rather it is effective in the fight against slugs, clams, insects.Moreover, aluminum sulfate can be found in the composition of complex fertilizers.Without it, it is impossible to manufacture fire extinguishers.Some cosmetic companies use a substance in the manufacture of its products (mascara, eye shadow).

aluminum sulphate is included in the drug relieves irritation, which appears after the bite of insects.The action is the destruction of toxic substances, insect injected into the skin.Drugs often produced in the form of a spray, which was treated directly with the affected area (or areas).

In the food industry the aluminum sulfate is in a range of additives, emulsifiers (called E-520).This substance, which is both a hardener, and a means for removing the skin from fruits and substitute yeast.They clarified water is treated with lobster and crab meat.And yet - this is a great tool that allows you to achieve a more solid consistency in the preservation of vegetables.

technical aluminum sulphate (Al2 (SO4) 3) can be obtained by the reaction of sulfuric acid and aluminum hydroxide.We can observe it in crystals (the plates) and the irregularly shaped pieces of 10 kg (the second or the third grade), but usually it is a homogeneous granular substances (crystals up to 20 mm, the highest grade).

Inhalation (dust) of the substance starts coughing, shortness of breath.Contact with skin and eyes leading to redness, itching, pain, and even severe burns.Ingestion causes irritation of the stomach, accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea.

First aid in case of poisoning with aluminum sulfate suggests:

- washing of the eyes or skin;

- come out of the poisoning to fresh air;

- the adoption of a glass of milk with a further induced vomiting;

- access to a doctor.

aluminum sulphate is stored in cool, dry places.Containers must be kept tightly closed.Mixing with other substances permitted (contact with bicarbonates, such as literally explosive).