Steel - an indispensable material

modern technical civilization is difficult to imagine without steel.Different brands of this material are used almost everywhere.From it are made as ordinary household items, as well as sophisticated devices.But ideally steel - an alloy of iron and carbon, however, as the iron.And to distinguish them only the percentage of C2.That is, if the alloy is less than 2.14% carbon steel it is, and if more - then it is cast.But in fact, in each steel contains various impurities, such as silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and manganese.A metallurgical by adding thereto elements such as chromium, magnesium, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten, and vanadium by changing the percentage content of alloying elements and carbon, producing different brands of this alloy that differ significantly in their properties.

In this regard, they are doped and carbon.And the quality of the carbon steel (consisting solely of carbon and iron) is dependent on the amount of C2 therein.That is, if such an alloy contains up to 0.3% carbon, and it

is called soft or iron.A solid steel percentage of this element is in the range 0,3-2,14%.But each of the brands of this alloy is its purpose.For example, commercial iron has high plasticity, not quenched easily forged, welded and rolled in the cold and in the hot state.Therefore, mild steel - it is a relatively cheap material for the manufacture of various non-load bearing parts.

solid brand of alloy has been used for other purposes.For example, many people versed in the art know that such GOST steel 45. That is, this alloy contains 0.45% carbon.This steel is already possible kalit, improve and process of cutting.Therefrom upon improvements make such items as connecting rods, crankshafts, flywheels, ring gears, shafts, bolts and the like.She also has the ability to surface hardening using HDTV.This makes it possible to manufacture therefrom gears, and long driving shafts, that is, parts which must have a high surface hardness and high wear resistance with low deformation.

in engineering is widely used alloy chrome steel.This is a material for manufacturing high-strength parts that operate at low loads.This alloy is difficult to weld, it requires heating and subsequent heat treatment.Thus, for example, 40Cr steel making shafts, axles, rods, pistons, pinion shafts, spindles and rings.It is suitable for the manufacture of the cam and crankshafts, rods, mandrels, bushings, gear rims and other precision parts.

also widely used, and corrosion-resistant steel or stainless steel.It brands such as 40 X 13, 30 X 13, 12 X 13, and several others.These alloys are the materials for producing the measuring and cutting tools, household articles, carburetor needle springs and other similar parts which operate in corrosive environments at temperatures up to 450 degrees.And such as the steel ball bearing ShKh15 called.And because it makes pistons, sleeves plungers, saddle pressure valves and valves themselves, roller lifters, body sprays and other items that should have high hardness, strength and wear resistance of the contact.In general, if desired, you can choose the steel grade for any purpose.