How to flash Android?

What about flashing your phone or tablet?In principle, it is the same as that of reinstalling Windows on your PC.That is characterized by the notion of firmware version update your phone or tablet in order to improve efficiency, obtain a set of new features, and so on. D. As we all know, there are now three types of operating systems for mobile phones / tablets - it is iOS, Windows Phone and Android.The most popular in the world today are the first and the last operating system.Companies specializing in the development of the operating system, they are constantly trying to improve, optimize and add new features to attract more users.In this article, we'll tell you about flashing the Android OS, and try to answer the most important questions - how to flash Android, is it worth to put unofficial firmware version if it is safe to do firmware.Let's begin.

Android Smartphones.Firmware OS phone

That all went well, we form a certain sequence of actions to be followed to all users.So, first download t

he software update for your phone.Take a look before that, what OS version you have is to download the newer version.It is worth noting that each brand has its own version, and so be careful.If you downloaded the software update directly to your phone, you are looking for downloads required us the file and run it.The firmware will automatically start, and we have to just wait for the end of the process (charge your device before installing, because if it runs out, all files will be lost).Next, turn on the phone and look at the performance.If all goes well, the firmware was successful.By the way, every good solid firmware (it is better to download from the official site) is a function of "insurance" in the case where a failure occurs.If you have downloaded to your computer, you should do the following: download files to SD-card, insert it in off the phone and run it.Further, all as before - wait for completion of the installation.How to flash the Android on your phone, we understand.Next we have the plates.

How to flash on Android tablets?

In principle, there is no global differences.After downloading the firmware file, unzip it to your script.Further, by inserting the SD-card into the tablet off, run it.As in the case with the phone, installation will start automatically, giving you a long wait time.Even if the process is too long, you should not turn off the machine.Then insert all the same SD-card in the computer, so that this time delete the folder script.We turn on the device and check the operation of all functions.All.If something went wrong, we repeat the procedure again.How to flash the Android tablets, we also dealt with.

Should I install the unofficial version of the firmware?

this point as you like.It often happens that these firmware versions are much more features than the official.However, there is one big but - there is no guarantee of quality.In the worst situation such firmware only ruin your machine, after which he road to the repair center, which will be costly.Decide for yourself.

it better smartphone on Android, iOS or Windows Phone?

How many people - so many opinions.Each OS in its own good, and at the same time has its drawbacks.However, the undisputed leaders still remain Android and Agios.So, compare the two systems (we do not compare phones or tablets, we compare the operating system!).In the first operating system, we can observe a more qualitative level virtual assistant Google Now, which gives way to "apple" Siri, more advanced navigation Google Maps, an application for photo and video Android Beam, as well as an Internet browser Google Chrome, which, incidentally, in contrastof the products Apple, you can change.What we see in the iOS?Of course, that unrivaled leader in providing a variety of applications through the App Store, which gives Google release Google Play.We can also see an improved camera, can take pictures with high resolution and wide viewing angle, which is not true of Android smartphones.And ... that's all.Oddly enough, but it Androidovskaya OS better and more functional than iOS.But this is only an objective point of view.Each user has its own view of things.