The demographic problem in Russia: causes and ways to overcome it

As a result of recent years of market reforms and transformational changes have been dramatic changes in the living conditions of the population of Russia, which greatly affected the psychological and physical behavior, including fertility.

Thus, there is a demographic problem in Russia, to impose a certain effect on the standard of living that is substantially transformed in recent years.

The main factors are the decline in living standards:

- rapid decline in income part of the population;

- a significant proportion of the poor at a sufficiently vague definition of poverty;

- significant extent of unemployment, coupled with the non-payment of wages;

- social disruption.

All these facts have affected the welfare of the population.The problems in Russia were marked by natural wastage, followed by termination of population growth, which led to its decline.Thus, the observed formation of inefficient patterns of internal and external migration.

demographic problem in Russia is the result of t

he application of "shock therapy", which led to a drop in the income of citizens, and hopes to restore them in the near decade low.So, based on historical data, only in 2002 the real income of the population reached the 1997 level.

main factor reducing the double life of the citizens of Russia in comparison with 1991.It is an inadequate wage.Because of its significant reduction, wages ceased to perform the functions of:

- reproductive (software is not even a simple reproduction of labor power of a citizen);

- economic (not stimulate increased productivity and quality of work);

- social.

demographic problem in Russia indicates a very low level of the consumer population.This is confirmed by statistics.For example, the average cost of food account for about half of total expenditures of Russian families.Despite the fact that in other countries this figure does not exceed 30%.It should be noted that all this happens in the presence of huge resources.

demographic problem in Russia displays a natural population decline that began in 1992. In that year, the birth rate and mortality curves crossed, and it is not possible to detect signs of significant improvement.

course, demographic problems Russia leaves its mark similar situation in other states.For example, in many countries observed a significant reduction in the birth rate in the near future could lead to slower growth in the number.However, the demographic problem in the world is determined not only a decrease in population growth, as well as factors such as climatic features of regions, their state of the environment, social and economic conditions.