Inkerman Winery: products

Inkerman Winery is located in Sevastopol, in the oldest and deepest workings of stone, located on one of the banks Ahtiatskoy bay.Any wine matures in optimal temperature, it is calculated by the best specialists in the wine industry, at a certain depth from six to twenty-nine meters underground here - perfect silence, gives the wine a peculiar shade of taste.Temperature - a constant, equal to 12 to 16 degrees.Accurately determine the depth of the basement.The ideal wine extract is obtained and due to the high humidity.

Classic Crimean wine

In Crimea, fine wine is produced mostly on small enterprises, and it is big.In our time, just not enough of this size winemaking in Crimea, and the enterprise - it is.Its quality is recognized in 1990 and contributed to the honor roll of the best wine-making facilities in the world.It is a secondary winemaking all over the world.It is very hard, and we have to constantly maintain the quality of the wine and the brand.Inkerman Winery provided with the best located

in the valleys of the Crimean gold materials for the manufacture of wine, such as Bulganak and Belbek.From grapes in these valleys get the most elegant and tasty wine.

What is in the basement of "Inkerman"

They include a gold fund, what?This oak containers.The plant has 700 casks that can hold from five thousand to twenty thousand liters, and seven thousand barrels, they located from three hundred to one thousand liters.At a time when the wine is aged in oak, it certainly takes a physico-chemical process by which the drink gets its color and taste.Term Exposure rather big wine: table - two years, strong and dessert - for three years.Specialists in excerpts follow.They are constantly working at the plant.Ltd. "Inkerman vintage wines" - almost the only plant manufacturing a full range of dining rooms of fine wines.Winemakers who work here, except that they can store drinks, and even create new ones.Because of this, the company is a must.

How is pricing plant

"Inkerman" strongly influences the final price of their products.Inkerman Winery market methods forms the final price, retail, its products, is doing everything that it decreased.The plant manager says that this formation occurs fully understood mechanism.After all, the main criterion of price is the cost and quality of the wine.Also, be sure to take into account the salaries and components.It is clear that the cost of the cost of aged wine will always be more, and this is understandable, because the exposure is a process that requires constant maintenance, extra effort and attention.But the price of the retail selling more than the factory several times.This figure rises to three times, depending on a lot of things.Inkerman Winery releases product for its price, and then stores and distributors form the profit margins of trade shops, malls.Due to the retail networks and stores, distribution, cost of products produced at the final stage.Affect is very difficult, although not impossible.Clean excess mediators agree on strict regulation of prices of various actions - as a result sometimes is cheaper by 10%.

Inkerman Winery, TIN and BIN

This plant has the following requisites: INN 9202002720 and BIN 1149204040092. That is an organization fully prepare all tax data and now has the full right to employment.After a while, when the Crimea became Russian, this had some problems.Now, "Inkerman" - almost one proceeding in the Russian Crimea, where many vintage produced table wines from grapes of Europe.Only there is a natural wine, which fully comply with European and Mediterranean taste - they are light, facilitating the absorption of meat and fish and thirst-quenching.Still, the main consumer of local wine appreciates the strong and sweet drinks - so these types of wines "Inkerman" characterized by high sophistication.Unique drinks presented dessert wines, strong, semi-sweet, semi-dry and dry, only 38 marks.The company manufactures the following drinks: "The Secret of Chersonese", "Sevastopol", "Muscat Chersonese", "Port Red Crimean", "Rkatsiteli Inkerman", "Cabernet Kachin", "Kaczynski Kokur" and "Rubin Chersonese."

production of fine wines in Inkemarskom plant

Factory Address: Crimea, the city of Sevastopol, street Malinowski, house №20.Tel: + 7-978-000-17-04 or + 7-978-766-63-90.Inkerman vintage wines, the details of which we are all aware, producing superior products.It is made from grapes that grow in the Golden beam Alminskaya, Kacha and Belbek valleys.Each wine is determined, of course, grape variety, but they provide a feeling of formation and perfection.The maturity of wine is devoid of excess and full of flavor.The specialists of the plant carefully monitor every stage, which made the drink, since most of the work on the vineyards, the production of primary materials and ending with the most exposure and bottling.The range of drinks depends on the accounting data obtained by the result of the study of taste preferences of consumers.The plant is constantly collaborating with international and European experts in winemaking.In this interaction, improved formulation of existing samples are the latest collection of various drinks.

Where sold vintage wine

in Inkerman's factory visited by the French winemaker and actor Gerard Diparde, he wrote in the visitors' book that is produced the best wine on the planet.Fine drinks can be purchased in many schools of the peninsula, where he works Inkerman Winery.Store it known to all who are interested in similar drinks.It should come on a tour to these places.This can be done on any day, even on Sunday, although the day you need to make a visit by appointment.After tasting during the tour, few can resist a visit to the factory store brand.There is a full range of all products, even including the new champagne-called "Inkerman".Prices much lower prices in other areas of the peninsula.Wine, incidentally, has already supplied to other cities in Russia.