How to install Internet via Bluetooth?

How to set up internet on your phone via Bluetooth?I know that many people want to do it, so if you came to this page, assume that you already have everything ready.So, I will talk about how to connect to the Internet via Bluetooth by using a desktop computer and a mobile phone from the company Sony Ericsson, which is, of course, supports bluetooth.

This unit has a large number of Java-based applications, most of which need to be connected to the Internet.Also, you will not have problems if your phone is powered by Android.Internet via Bluetooth is configured similarly.

First I connect bluetooth adapter port on the computer and install the necessary drivers for it.When the computer recognizes the device, you can start configuring the Internet via Bluetooth.It is necessary to ensure that your leased line provides Internet access to your mobile device, and you is not spending money for GPRS-traffic.

The first thing I do is install the package of Java 2 SDK 1.4.2.My next step is to install a spec

ial package for your phone Sony Ericsson.In my case, during this installation, I still had a good java emulator designed for most models of Sony Ericsson.He is able to run all sorts of applications that work with file systems, the Internet, Bluetooth, a camera and with most games, including 3D.

How will our Internet through Bluetooth?Everything is very simple.We run a Java application that will use Internet access via bluetooth connection without any supernatural technology.The only problem is that native software can refuse to work with this method of access to the Internet.But we'll fix that.

When the installation of all software successfully completed, restart your computer.Next, call the Start menu, go to programs, open the tab, Sony Ericsson, where select J2ME SDK, and there already are launching ConnectionProxy.If all goes well, you will find the image in the image of your phone.Before this, however, you will need to confirm the permission to connect it to your computer.Sometimes it happens that the phone rejects your connection.In this case, check the connection and performance bluetooth.

When properly attached, call the Start menu again, where after program tab and Sony Ericsson will need to run J2ME SDK browser and device.On the left you will see a list of all applications that are available in your phone.I installed Opera Mini.Right-arm I call the context menu and choose run.Then I look at my phone and saw launched mobile browser.

All I can now safely visit any sites, and at the same time with my mobile bill comes off a single penny.As you can see, the Internet via Bluetooth can do each.It does not take much of your time, because all the steps are simple and clear.And most importantly - this is what you can save a considerable amount of your money.