Existing types of speech in Russian

Depending on the content of statements, its meaning and significance are allocated certain types of speech.In Russian, there are only three: the narration, description and reasoning.Each of them has its own characteristics.Consider all types of speech in the Russian language, as well as their characteristics.So, let's begin.

Type of speech: narration

If a person talks about some event, describes the course of its development in time and sustained action, of which it is composed, then certainly his statement is subject to the characteristics of this species.All types of speech in the Russian language have clearly expressed their symptoms, and we can say that one of the most important properties of the narrative is that it consists of certain parts.Always first such statement includes eyeballs.It describes the beginning of a specific action.Next is the development of the situation, and after - the climax.This part describes the most important moment in the development of the narrated action.Finishing

stage of the narrative is a junction, or the end of history.The works of art are often the portions are not located in a familiar sequence for effect.Due to the fact that the action described in the narrative in time sequence, often in the statements of this type are used and the corresponding words (if later), and the verb in the past tense.


types of speech in the Russian language is directly related to the content.And if the meaning of the story is to tell about some of the events that occurred, the description is for the disclosure of a phenomenon through its signs and features.The subject, which is characterized, can be anything: from the person to the place.For such kind of statements distinguishing feature is that it uses a lot of adjectives.Description common in all styles of speech.Most often it is used in scientific and literary texts.And if in the first case is dominated by dry transfer characteristics of a phenomenon, in the second situation, a lot of comparisons, puns and other highlights of the Russian language.


This type of speech is used to describe the causes of any phenomena or properties.Depending on the degree of categorical judgments such a statement may be an explanation, evidence or just thinking.The argument is also made of separate parts.The first of them - a thesis - determines that require proof.This can be any object or phenomenon.The second part is directly from the arguments and evidence.Rounding out the same argument is always output.There is one important feature of such statements.Everyone is familiar with the chain and parallel types of communication in Russian.In the argument, as a rule, there is a second look.The thesis is the starting point of reasoning and evidence have a direct relationship with him.