How to please a guy and build a lasting relationship with Him

Maybe this is a pipe dream of every woman: to love beautiful, intelligent and thoughtful guy.You think it's impossible?No need to despair in advance, everything is in your hands.A little more self-confidence and optimism, then surely you will succeed.In order to interest the guy, you need only apply the right tactics.Let him the soul of the company, he has a wonderful sense of humor, maybe he conquered Everest.Or maybe he is such a young age has made tremendous scientific discovery, and is preparing to become the winner of the prestigious awards.Every girl is her ideal man in his own way.But when you look at your ideal annoyance and think: "I wish I had not such a beautiful and educated in order to conquer his heart."

It's wrong, you only need to know how to please a guy.It is not necessarily a model to be smart to invite you on a date a handsome guy, or to be a PhD to get acquainted with the future academician.You need self-confidence, listen to the advice of a psychologist.Several small women's tric

ks and your perfect guy loves you.If you do not know how to interest a guy who is so smart, that inevitably will soon receive the Nobel Prize, it does not matter.Not complex, the company boldly take part in the debates and discussions, as well as a counter-question suddenly put you in a dead end, offer you meet erudite discuss such a complex issue in a personal meeting.Smart guys pay attention to the creative educated women with good taste, but it does not mean that you necessarily have to be a graduate of Oxford, or, in extreme cases, MGIMO.

Even if you do not have higher education, it is not necessary from complexes.You are confident and know how to please a guy who is your ideal.Rather, it is simply necessary interlocutor, just carry on a conversation with phrases: "I think so too," "I, too, come to mind such thoughts," or "You're certainly right!".Here the most important thing is the ability to listen and keep the conversation going.Your interlocutor probably does not need abstruse statements, enough for two and megaintellekta.If you will be careful with him and understand what he would not care what you have education.

If you meet a guy charming and always in the spotlight, do you think, how to charm him, bypassing all the fans.Do not look at the girls sighing over it, thinking about how to please a guy of your dreams.Typically, such a popular person very tired from the constant attention, it is much more important than the silence, comfort and peace.This guy does not need the same popular girl.Be original and a little bit mysterious, different from others.Show him your goodwill, the head of a conversation with him on topics of interest to it, but try not to carry the whole conversation itself, often better to ask questions.Make it so that it was interesting to you and comfortable and he will appreciate it.

all pay attention to the slender brunette or a blonde with blue eyes.How to please a guy who looks like a "handsome"?Above all, Drop thinking, "Why am I not a fashion model?" And imagine how beautiful it will look together two Centerfolds holding hands.Psychologists know that the most beautiful people in general are not enthusiastic about their appearance, they created complex, that they are valued only in appearance, but not its real merits.Do not show him that you think he's handsome, he immediately will like a girl, for which its appearance is not important.He will want to know a girl better.Whatever your choice seemed inaccessible, you can be worthy of him only when she believed in ourselves, because all the people at heart desperately need to understand and love.