How to choose a baby crib bumper and how to sew his own hands

To crib many requirements.The most important of them - security.This piece of furniture should be durable, reliable, environmentally and technically sound.Choosing suitable model, it is important to find the right bumper to the cot.This accessory is able to protect the baby from bumps while sleeping or playing games in bed and from drafts.

Common Criteria soft bumpers

bumpers for cots, not only act as security.It's a great decoration, making the baby bed cozy and comfortable.Bumpers have to be sewn only from natural fabrics, or with a small admixture of synthetics (20%), which are easy to clean and wash.Fillers should also be composed of 50% natural fibers.This is due to the fact that natural materials are not emit toxic elements are hygroscopic and do not cause allergy.Bumper in a cot need to choose is not very bright.Otherwise, it may affect the baby's health.It is best to pick a side in the colors according to the shades of linen and crib design.Pay attention to the height of the bumper.Excessi

ve prevent the natural circulation of air and not allow your child to explore the world around them.

models for girls

Psychologists claim that colors affect emotional state and health.It has long been believed that the colors of clothing and other accessories for baby girls should be pink palette.This color beneficial effect on the psyche of the maiden, pale pink pastel tones will calm the young princess in her crib.For this reason, a cot bumper, designed for girls, it is desirable to select the materials of pink.

The rim can be decorated with lace, textile flowers and hearts.It is easy to do on your own exclusive bumper cot, which will give the baby warm hands of a loved one.

We make a crib for a boy

gender upbringing of children should start from infancy, according to many child psychologists and doctors.The boy should clearly understand their role in the world and society.The first thing you need to start the process - the selection of colors decoration bed.Boys children in the crib bumper is preferably selected in blue colors, t. To. This color, according to scientists, it affects the development of masculine characteristics in a child.You can make a one-color design of a cot, but it is better to use a fabric with a pattern.So the child can develop mental activities and learn about the world.It is important to choose the pictures with clear lines and believable images that do not distort the representation of the reality of the little man.

Bumper their own hands

you can make a cozy nest for your baby a unique and original.So from an early age, he will learn to understand and be aware of their individuality in society.Sew a cot bumper alone will not be easy.You can use ready-made patterns, or to make them himself, clearing the necessary measurements with cots.You can express their imagination in choosing the form of ledges.When sewing bumper filler need to stitch and sew a fabric that does not slip.All items rim better connect with each other, ie. A. The kids are actively moving arms and legs, and can push them between the elements of the product and hurt yourself.The lower part of the bumper can be left unfilled to fill under the mattress.This will secure the bumpers.In order to secure the placing children in a crib bumper, sew him wide straps on firm Velcro.

So cozy and comfortable nest for baby can be done by hand.