Stones-mascots Gemini, in the permanent impermanence

People born under the sign of Gemini - the children of the summer.The same fun, carefree.If your company has a twin - double the fun you provided: this plant.Energy Gemini enough for all 12 signs of the starry vault, however, as the gab.They can talk to anyone about anything, thus releasing the witty asides interlocutor, the topic of conversation ... or others.

Besides sociability, people of this sign are endowed with an extremely disagreeable quality - it is incorrigible gossip.Sharp mind allows them to notice details, but no less sharp tongue combined with the habit of first talked, and then think, could damage relations with the closest people who believe it is not a manifestation of the nature windy sign, and disrespect, rudeness, the expression of anger, resentment,hatred.Sometimes under the guise ostroslovnogo Twin vulnerable soul hiding, forced to attack first.

Another flaw Twins - impermanence.Moreover, the volatility around today he wants to be an astronaut, and tomorrow - to treat peopl

e, and in the afternoon - to play on the stage.Especially wind and dual female twins: they can make an appointment with several gentlemen, to promise a completely opposite things ... Twins can fall in a split second, and just as quickly leave his passion.It started business, even if it clearly leads to success, they feel a failure and break with it.We learned a Gemini zodiac sign.Birthstone we will pick up on.Which will give you prefer?

Stones-mascots Gemini.Agate

Agate - stone speakers.Eloquence Gemini in the blood, and the black stone (by the way, not just black, even with a pattern reminiscent pitted move) will not blurt out too much and think about his words.Agate helps Twins during bouts of aggression or, on the contrary, will add courage.Irritability Gemini appreciate the power of this mineral.Agate make you insightful help to foresee the consequences of decisions, words and actions.This is the power of the stones warm colors.Dendritic shade will help strengthen the properties of memory.

Stones-mascots Gemini.Aquamarine

Who does not like the soothing coolness of the sea stone?Aquamarine - Stones-mascots Twins prone to colds.Wear them around the neck, they will cure a sore throat, the airways will not suffer from acute respiratory infections.As we have seen, the twins have a hard time on the personal front.This stone will help guide the notorious eloquence in the right direction in dealing with the opposite sex.Gemini will be able to understand what people really need them.Sociable and without people stone will acquire loyal companions, discourage false.

Stones-mascots Gemini.Tiger Eye

This stone is indeed reminiscent of a tiger color.For the Twins - is one of the lucky stones.It will help to determine the true desires.If Gemini is involved in the business, this stone will help to make the most cost-effective solution.We do not believe that you have talent?Tiger Eye will help unlock the potential!So we know what Birthstone Gemini, but not alone!Good luck in all your endeavors!Be bright and original!