And it needs watering onion salt water?

Often, even experienced gardeners are faced with the fact that feathers onions begin to turn yellow and wither.Many believe that the reason lies in the very hot air, so it is impossible to remedy the situation.But in actual fact, yellowing, wilting in conjunction with stopping the growth of the plant is a major feature of the work of the larvae of flies.But the fact that the farmer can not deal with how often to water the bow will testify immature bulbs with small sparse feathers.

maggot - it is a dangerous pest, small white worms damage the underground parts of plants, resulting in his own feathers stop growing and aging.As a result, the farmer is completely devoid of the crop.But to deal with this problem can be.Even if you did not take any preventive measures, it is possible to save the harvest, even when the bow is already large.

If carefully cultivated garden of you have seen at least one ruffled feather, it is not too lazy to carry out watering onion salt water.Of course, it is a bit troubles

ome, but fresh green feathers that with renewed vigor rush up, compensate all the effort.For this solution to a 10-liter bucket of 200 grams of salt and pour this water each bulb at the root.Water consumption should be about 300 ml per plant.

It watering onion salt water will help get rid of the larvae of flies.If you do not take the necessary measures in time, you can lose your entire crop.We should not be afraid that your actions have a negative impact on the soil.Saline its several irrigations impossible.And given that the plant likes moisture, the sodium chloride concentration in the soil decreases after several conventional irrigation.

In addition, to overcome the larvae, the procedure does not have to repeat every day.It suffices to make watering onion salt, dissolved in water, 3 times a week.But better a week after the first time carefully to see whether the larvae were killed.Raking the ground near one of the infected plants, and check if there are any live pests.If the procedure did not produce a result, increase the concentration of the brine to 450-600 grams of salt per liter of water 10-12.Such water sufficiently watered just once, but rather do it at the time when the bow is already sufficiently high.

for prevention of onion flies some agronomists recommend watering onion salt water exercise 3 times.The first to be when the feathers are already at 5-6 cm peep out of the ground.Subsequent irrigations carried out in 2 or 3 weeks.Note that the procedure should be carried out in the evening, before sunset.In addition, care must be taken to prevent water from getting to the plant, it is better to pour a watering just below the base of the leaves.

If you are still worried that watering onion salt water will negatively affect the soil, then planting it is necessary to prepare in advance.Before sending it into the ground, the seedlings soak for 12 hours in a special solution.Preparing it this way: in a bucket of water dissolve a glass of salt, put in the liquid onion sets.Its upper scales prosolitsya and larvae simply will not chew on it.