Christian stories.

Christian education begins at birth.An introduction to the life of the Church, it is important for the development of small Christian, but more importantly to read the right books in the orthodox sense.In the literature of this kind play an important role for children Christian stories.

role of Christian literature on the issue of education

For example, stories, poems, and stories of the Orthodox persuasion to develop the good qualities in children much easier.Such literature awakens the best feelings, teaches kindness, forgiveness, love, strengthens the faith and hope, will not fall into despair, understand their feelings, to behave with their peers, and not only.Books, which published stories of Christian children, should be in every family where there are kids.They write such works of both domestic and foreign authors, some of whom are ordinary people, priests and even monks.

stories about the good that everyone wins

One of the most striking in order to encourage the child to do good dee

ds, are the stories of this kind.For example, a story titled "Little Light" John Paton.He tells the story of a little girl who still do not go to school, but, without even knowing it, makes it very right and good work, visiting his old grandmother.Lena (the name of the baby), even my mother asked what this is doing, why older woman is happy, calling crumb Sunbeam and its comfort.

daughter Mom explained how the presence of girls is important for old grandmother, because she feels so lonely, and Lena comforts her appearance alone.The little girl learned that her little good deed is like a candle, which is lit by a huge torch at the lighthouse, showing the way for ships in the darkness.And without that spark simply would not be a big flame.And good deeds of each person, the child, as though inconspicuous as they are, are simply necessary in this world, and pleasing to the Lord.

Short stories for the youngest

O. Yasinskaya write a short Christian instructive stories for kids.They have everything you need to Orthodox.One of the short stories titled "The Secret" from the book "Little Christian" teaching to be compliant, dedicated, pleasant and do good to others, always be ready to help.The story tells of two sisters, hid the secret of a happy life according to Christian laws.And nothing more is necessary between people for a peaceful and covered with love and understanding of life.A story "What we are taught the bees" from their example shows how children should love their parents and take care of them, especially if the illness or old age limit of their strength.It's the Lord's commandment, "Honor your father and your mother."On it must always be remembered.

Christian poems, stories

Also instructive stories for children there is a lot of poems, riddles, written for a small Orthodox Christian.For example, Marina Tikhonova writes not only Christian stories and poems and riddles.Her book "Orthodox poetry for children" permeated family life, happiness, goodness and light.The collection includes some poems, riddles about God and everything connected with it, and the story "At the Christmas tree."He tells the story of a family that before the holiday Christmas tree decorated with garland, toys, rain and stars.The parents explain to children the meaning of Christmas and New Year festive tree ornaments on it.The whole family thanks God for the miraculous gifts received by each.The story evokes such strong emotions and feelings that I want to take the decorations, hang them on the Christmas tree, and thank God for all the heroes of history.

Where did I come from?

Perhaps the most awkward question for parents of grown-up son or daughter.But children are persistently questioned everything.Christian stories and help to find the answer to this question is a little listener, and his mom and dad prompt what to say in such cases.The story about a boy Mitya called "The first pope," wrote Andrew Ermolenko.In this story lies a hint to parents and the child an explanation about who the Heavenly Father, where babies come from.Very touching and instructive history.It must read for anyone who has children.

Athos for children's heart

title of a book written by a monk Simeon Athos.In fact, all Christian stories are a kind of sacred Mount Athos, which destroys in every heart the pagan temples, erecting a fortress of God's truth, strengthening the faith, the spirit, nourishing all that is best in a child or adult.

monk with his stories gently introduces children to the truths of the Lord's capital.At the end of each story is the conclusion that follows from it.Tales all small, they are easy to be able to listen to the end, even the smallest Christian.The book teaches kids (and parents too) humility, faith in God, goodness, love for the Lord, to see the wonders in the usual, to draw conclusions from everything that happened, think first of others, judge yourself for your mistakes, do not try to blame otherssomething not to be proud, to be brave in deeds and not in words.In addition, the book teaches us that sometimes the misfortune is good, too, and the simple life and there is happiness.To find the kingdom of heaven, you must work hard.For the sake of this love I have to give everything, and then the heavens will become closer.So teaches the monk.

And in this light opens the strength and depth of the Children of Love - that is, the wisdom of God, because the child does not love for something.Save a child's heart is not easy, but it is such people fleeing.The monk teaches not only kids, his Christian history, the stories - and adult science.

It would be useful to check out the product "The Frog and wealth."The main idea of ​​the story is this: if you want to take, you will live life on earth, and if at the heart of spiritual life - learn to give.Still a lot of wisdom monk of Mount Athos wrote a story is instructive and interesting.This book is useful for everyone to walk on the right path.

Christian stories are necessary in every age as an aid on the path to God.Reading the child, the parents themselves pocherpyvat bright and kind, helping them go the right way and lead the children.May God abides in every heart!