What is a blizzard?

What is a blizzard, we know firsthand.Probably each of us ever get a strong winter snow storm.It is one thing to feel the storm, and quite another - to have the whole basis of knowledge on the natural weather phenomena.So, what is a blizzard in terms of the concepts of meteorology and the Russian language?Let's take a closer look at the intricacies of this beautiful, but at the same time dangerous natural phenomena.


From a scientific point of view, the transfer is called a blizzard of snow masses on the ground by the powerful and gusty winds.It is typical for the winter season natural phenomenon.There are drifting, general and grassroots snowstorm.They manifest themselves in very different ways:

  • a mild winter drifting snow,
  • as storms,
  • as snowdrifts.

consider all three types in detail.Drifting snow

What blizzard-drifting?This transfer of snow masses with the snow surface in layers that do not exceed a height of 1-2 meters.This storm did not lead to a noticeable

deterioration of visibility on the road, unless, of course, there is the presence of other atmospheric conditions (mist, snow), and its horizontal visibility at a height of 2 meters is 10 kilometers further.

drifting snow can be seen not only in the snow, but in cloudy weather.This phenomenon usually occurs under the condition of dry and sticky snow.Mandatory condition - the wind speed of 5 to 6 meters per second and more powerful.

Total blizzard

What is a blizzard of a general nature or general blizzards?From the standpoint of meteorological phenomena such transfer of snow accompanied by intense winds through the so-called atmospheric boundary layer.They are fairly well developed vertically, causing considerable difficulties in determining the state of the sky.

fact that the form and amount of clouds can not be determined during a blizzard is not possible to establish the fact of whether they fall snow.Snowstorm general can carry a snow raised by the wind to the Earth's surface, and can be converted into so-called Zavirukha, scattering across the expanses of snow masses, coming directly from the cloud.


This type of transport is characterized by a blizzard of snow from the Earth's surface in the snow layers several meters high with a noticeable deterioration of visibility.Usually the snow rises from the ground to a height of 2 meters.This weather phenomenon vertical visibility is usually quite good.State of sky be adequately defined.

like drifting snow, blowing snow can occur in cloudy and clear weather, and in the snow.But if you compare it to a blizzard, the blizzard blowing snow only raises from the ground and never throwing snow on the sides of the masses, coming from the clouds.By the way, sometimes people call the white blizzard.

What horse blizzard?

We have considered the main three types of weather phenomena.But that is not all!Some meteorologists describe the concept of "blizzard" transfer of snow falling from the clouds, but have not yet had time to touch the ground.This allows them to further highlight the so-called horse blizzard.

In their view, it is characterized by snow in the wind, in which snowflakes are flying along with the climb or air currents until the moment of contact of the snow cover.As soon as they touch it, it will lie still.Nevertheless, many weather stations (including the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia) do not recognize the horse snowstorm as an independent.

What else do we need to know about blizzards?

Perhaps we all remember the wonderful song, first performed by Alla Pugacheva, titled "Once again blizzard ...".Ah, if only it was a weather phenomenon in the same metaphorical-romantic as it is sung in this song ... But, unfortunately, in most cases, blizzards occurring in some regions of the country (eg, Siberia), delivered to residents mere problem.

Sometimes they can appear in the most varied and even sophisticated forms: it can be blizzards, snow drifts, blizzards, prairie blizzards and so. D. For the person most dangerous are snow masses moving in a horizontal direction they make it difficult to breath,movement and significantly impair visibility.

snowstorm and blizzard - are one and the same?

Not really.Let us repeat once again: the blizzard - moving snow on the ground by the powerful and gusty winds.In this case, the snow typically moves in one direction.Blizzard is somewhat different from the snowstorm.Blizzard called a snow storm accompanied by strong winds that carry the mass of snow in the air in different directions.

If you rely on many dictionaries of the Russian language, both concepts are synonymous.But this is only from the point of view definition.In fact the same, both of these natural phenomena have nothing in common.Blizzard is not even a form of blizzards as it is a completely independent phenomenon.It is worth noting that both cases are officially accepted to use the term "blizzard.""Blizzard" is rather - the popular name for this phenomenon, celebrated in prose and poetry, rather than meteorological.