How to Draw an arrow eyeliner?

neat and sophisticated eye makeup make look expressive and attractive.The make-up arrows on the important role assigned to the eyes, they give a special charm and mysterious ways.But not everyone is able to draw a beautiful, smooth, symmetrical lines.

No women who do not go to the arrow, but there are those who do not know how to draw arrows eyeliner properly to conform to the shape and eye shape, and did not look cartoonish or even vulgar.

Arrows are broad, thin, long, forward to the temples, and has a lot of different options.Eyes are also divided into several basic types:

• almond shaped.Typically, such a form of eye arranged at a standard distance with respect to the nose.So disgusted arrows will go any thickness and length.Owners of these eyes you can safely experiment with any thickness and length of the lines.Knowing the basics and rules of how to make up the arrows, you can each time to create a unique image.

• Shape round eyes easily adjust, draw a line from the base of the eye to the o

uter corner slightly lifting and thickening it from the middle.The end of the arrow so you need to focus.

• narrow shape is easy to visually expand, this arrows line must pass clearly on the growth of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid, it must end gradually go up and not go beyond the outer corner of the eye.

• Planted at a distance the eye is easy to adjust with the arrows, the main thing - to learn a simple rule, how to draw arrows connector.To correct the shape of wide-set eyes at the base of the arrow should be wide and taper to the outer edge.

Many girls doing makeup with arrows, defeated and left this venture.But they just do not know the rules of how to draw arrows eyeliner or pencil:

• Arrow is necessary to draw a solid, not a trembling hand resting on a hard surface.

• The eye is drawn to where the arrow should be a little cover.

• You do not need to do once a thick line, thin first laid along the lash, and then thicker strokes.

• To smooth the arrow need to draw the line in two parts: from the base of the eye to the middle and from the middle to the edge.

• Under no circumstances should the space between the eyelashes and the drawn line can not be left unpainted, it is ugly and messy.

means and products

Arrows are drawn last, after all the stages of applying make-up, and so it is important to choose the right product and follow the rules on how to draw arrows eyeliner, pencil, shadows or a special marker.

All products have drawbacks.For example, in the liner is not always comes handy brush, which will not play into the hands of fashionistas who does not know how to draw arrows liquid eyeliner.

liner would be a good option, but will not be able to hold the whole day, and to use water-resistant type, having at least need a little practice.

Marker draws a thick line, and start "friendship" with arrows with this product is not recommended.

Shadows - perfect, because in case of failure, they can always be shaded, washing and avoiding damage to the entire makeup because one wrong movement of the hand.