How to get from Bangkok to Pattaya by yourself?

Pattaya - a very popular place for a beach holiday in Thailand.It is noteworthy that there is not too far from Bangkok, where most international flights arrive.The distance between cities - just 160 kilometers.Pattaya and Hua Hin - two seaside resort, where on weekends come to swim and sunbathe metropolitan residents.Second City has traditionally been considered a place of respectable families.But Pattaya attracts young people.And it is known, does not like to use the services of tour operators and prefers to travel alone.Therefore, one of the most common questions asked by tourists - how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya.Ways are many, and we consider them here.Let's start with the arrival.

Airport Bangkok - Pattaya: how to get a taxi

Many tourists prefer to live in the capital a day or two.It's a great way to relax from the long flight, to acclimate to the time zone and climate and see the sights of the capital.But if you can not wait to dive into the warm waters of the Gulf of Siam, can be set to

go straight from the airport "Suvarnabhumi".

Alas, the only way how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya at night, it's a taxi.In the arrivals hall (the second floor of the airport) you will find a reception voucher.Prices - from two thousand Baht.If you go outside, you will see a long line of cars waiting riders.You will be met and many-voiced chorus of taxi drivers.Here, prices start from two thousand Baht, while the ability to bargain, you can knock them for 500 Baht.But if you climb to the fourth floor of the airport, Departure Lounge, you can come to terms with the taxi driver who had just dropped off passengers, only a thousand baht.

Transfer Online

This method is suitable for those who want to commit a minimum of effort and cost, as they say, does not stand up.All very civilized: you order a car via the Internet.If you want even car class.

On leaving the arrivals hall of the airport in Bangkok "Suvarnabhumi" the driver will meet you with a sign on which is written your name.He will take your luggage, put her in the car and with the wind takes just under the door of the hotel in Pattaya.Pleasure is not cheap, but no problems.You do not have to worry about late flights.This option is worth considering if you're traveling with a family with small children.Poor things, and so had enough for an eight-hour flight.If you are interested in the question of how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya night, the online transfer is one of the few options.


Now the next option.Although we are considering ways of how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya alone, discounted services to travel agencies is not necessary.After all, most of our citizens travel to Thailand tour.

So get out of the airport and looking beautiful parked bus with the words "Natalie Tours", "Coral Travel" or "Tez Tour".Each of them is a girl-guide talking in Russian.For 200 baht, it will allow you to ride with other tourists.This option is good if you are traveling alone (up to two), since buses are served based on a certain number of passengers.If you receive a rejection from a girl, go to another.Tourist Bus very much, and in some cases get lucky.For 200 baht you not only get right up to his hotel, but also listen to the path information.

From the airport to Pattaya at the state bus

Get down to Level 1 of the airport.Between the gates 7 and 8, you will see a cashier buses plying in various directions.Firms enough, they provide a variety of services.You can buy a ticket for 124 Baht and you will be taken to the street of the seaside resort of Jomtien.The long ride because of frequent stops along the way Boucicaut №2 «Bangkok-Pattaya."

How to get to the point more quickly and comfortably?Take advantage of the firm Bell Travel Service.Machines of this company depart from Gate 8 of the first level of the airport.Just 200 Baht you will be taken to the air-conditioned bus on the street North Pattaya, and then transplanted to the minivan to your hotel.The journey takes about two hours.Buses leave from the company's Bangkok airport six times a day.Ten minutes from the main bus terminal is located where every quarter of an hour there is a free shuttle.From there, start the car by other companies.

bus from Bangkok

If you decide to spend the night, and even live in the capital, then your chances to get to the seaside resort, is increasing.In Bangkok there are two bus stations.Ekkamai situated next to the Skytrain station of the same name.From buses to Pattaya every half hour.The first flight leaves at five in the morning, the last - in 22.00.From the second bus - Mo Chit - machines are also sent at an interval of half an hour.Make sure that the bus - Express, otherwise the journey is not two, but all four hours.In order not to go to the outskirts of the metropolis, use private minibuses.Get off at the subway station Victory Monument.There you will see a platform cluttered tables.Find a plaque with the inscription "Bangkok-Pattaya."

How to get to the resort this strange mode of transport?Buy a ticket at the Thai 90 Baht.When the time (15-20 minutes) and collect the passengers seated in a white minivan.Pattaya bus makes three stops.So you can get out on the resort that you need.

How to get from Bangkok to Pattaya by train

Train - the cheapest way to travel around the country (not including hitchhiking, of course).However, the trains run very rarely - or rather, once a day, and then only on weekdays.But the price of 40 baht for the third class and 80 - for the first tempted, so it is worth considering this method of how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya by train, seriously.Administration occurs in 6.55 from the main Hua Lampong Railway Station.This Subway Station.Travel time - three and a half hours.The train arrives in Pattaya at 10.30.Railway station in the city is located on Sukhumvit Road.