How does the bale baler?

square balers - a device that is in almost every farm.It is used in many ways, so distinguished for today instruments with very different performance and volume of work with which they are able to cope.Just pick up a bale baler to the tractor - and he will gather hay and pack it into compact cubes.All work occurs in an extremely short period of time, and this caused its popularity and demand in the agricultural sector.


Some models of these devices (square baler PT-165 in particular) can have several advanced systems pakovaniya hay.Press the preform can make the most diverse forms (even cylindrical, as indicated in the first picture) and sizes.Another advantage of this tool is that in any form and dimensions of harvested hay this device is absolutely not harm the quality of the harvest.With this capability the bale baler is used in almost every organization, sphere of activity of which is based on the sowing and harvesting of crops.And of course, such bales is very convenient to carry and tra

nsport.If you put the hay in a trailer in bulk (a picture, probably saw every car owner who travels across the CIS countries), it is not something that is unprofitable decision because the goods are simply blown away on the road and oncoming cars, but simply meaningless.Another thing - packed bales of hay.At the expense of the press significantly increased their weight, so they can not carry the wind, and most importantly - with these "cubes" significantly reduced amount of work.Transportation, loading and unloading - time for all of these processes is greatly reduced, because one bale of hay in 2-3 times smaller that will be loaded in bulk on the loading platform.It turns out, for the same amount that was originally from hay, reduces press it several times.


The design of the instrument is required to include a special disc-shaped clutch, as well as a pin and the variable system.The latter provides the formation of future pieces inside the structure and depending on the settings may vary their size and shape.The storage section has a coil with a special binder twine.


addition, square baler can be equipped with double knitting tool that harvests the bales up to 1 meter.This feature is very much appreciated in carrying out large-scale works in a short time when you need to harvest with a few hectares of land.It should also be noted that the speed of movement of the tool can be up to 40 kilometers per hour.Any device capable of producing hay bales at a speed of 50 kilometers or more per hour, but this bale baler necessary are supplemented with a special tandem axle.