What should be a daily routine in the camp?

All people, including children, know that we have to live according to certain rules.Without this be a full member of society it is simply impossible.In this same article, I want to talk specifically about the daily routine in the camp.How should it be, and why do you need it?

What is it?

The fact that such a daily routine in the camp, every child knows that at least once been on such a holiday.This is a list of required actions that children must perform a daily and without any deviations.However, this does not mean that the regime is a complete detailed list of cases.He gives the direction, "he says" that it is necessary to do at the moment, but how - it is an element of creativity and freedom of each individual child.

about the kinds of children's camps

It is said that the mode of the day camp and summer camp schoolyard different.Similar elements are, of course, there are, but because of the limited time during the day to stay in school camps mode of the day will be somewhat different.Howev

er, there, and there will be time to eat, play and rest, as well as creative or work.

mode at a summer camp

How about the mode of the day to be at summer camp?So, it all starts with raising children after a night's sleep.Most often this occurs in about 7 in the morning.However, before this time can get up on duty throughout the day squad (which should awaken everyone to lay the breakfast table, get out).Daily routine in the camp will necessarily include charging, which occurs immediately after awakening and lasts from 15 minutes to an hour.This is followed by the morning toilet, cleaning the beds (this is also discharged about half an hour).Ten minutes before 8 am is to build units, and all concerted series go for breakfast, which lasts an average of 30 minutes.Further, up to 9 hours a child should be given time to collect his thoughts - it is also given to half an hour.

next stage of the day - time for work and creativity.For three hours (up to 12-00) may engage kids in circles, go on excursions, swim in the river or the sea, or personally engaged in public benefit activities.At lunch hour is given around 13-00 to 14-00.This is followed by an afternoon nap time or passive recreation.If you do not want to sleep, the children can read.

go further, considering the mode of the day in the camp.16-00 - following a small snack - afternoon tea.After that comes the lessons in physical education and sports clubs.At this time, the game can be arranged between the units, various competitions.Before dinner, which often occurs in the period from 19-00 to 20-00, the children have an hour of free time.After dinner, it's time to show concerts, films, and then be sure to be followed by a disco.Half an hour before lights-out will always be fees squad: podbivanie the outcome of the day, scheduling of cases and training the next day.After that - evening dress, prepare for bed, and as the end of the day, a retreat that often occurs in 22-00.

school camps

should also consider how the same may be daily routine in school camps.In a way it is similar to those described, but there will be differences.So, in this day of the camp begins with the admission of children that occurs most often in around 8 am.Next, be sure to proceed charging - an important element of education of each child.Then - breakfast.Either before breakfast or after the line can be carried out, which should be discussed and planned in the case of children in the day.What follows is a creative time when the children are doing something interesting or useful.There are guided tours, hiking.At one o'clock lunch comes after him - preparation for sleep and quiet time.The next stage of the day: active games outdoors (maybe competitions or tournaments).Further follow-up care children home, most often occurs in the period from 18-00 to 19-00.