The compromise - what's that?

compromise - a solution that allows you to partially resolve the issue and come to a common opinion that the two opposing parties.In order to reach a compromise, it is necessary to look at the situation from another point of view, to try to understand and accept his opponent.

How to reach a compromise

path to compromise is very thorny and virtually impossible for those who are accustomed to assert their views on the situation until the end.Compromise - is an intermediate solution that resolves a dispute between two parties only in part, but it allows them to negotiate.In order to reach a compromise, you must learn not only to defend its case, but it sometimes partially neglected in favor of another person, recognizing at least some of his views.A radical solution to the problem is considered configurator - vision problems from all sides and the recognition of the correctness of each of the disputants.Thus one finds reasonable arguments in the views of the other.

How can you consider a compro


compromise - it is something that at least once in his life every man must come.From different points of view compromise acquires different status.For example, in countries with a culture prone to Manichaeism, a compromise is seen as something awkward and forced, in other words, the trade-off in these countries is seen as an action to the detriment of himself.In countries prone to the type of liberal culture, compromise is seen as quite a natural phenomenon that allows people to better understand each other.

search of compromise

compromise - a compromise.In modern society, a person's ability to come to a compromise is very much appreciated.However, there are situations in which compromise is not recommended:

  1. If your opponent puts pressure on you, defending your point of view, and not inferior to you.
  2. If the opponent claims that it is necessary to find a compromise, but nothing for himself does not.
  3. If this solution does not meet your guidelines.
  4. If there are some alternative and more profitable options for resolving the conflict, rather than compromise.

If the presence of all that you feel during the debate, the search for solutions beneficial to someone, it is not necessary to start.Compromise should have a neutral result, it is considered only as a mutual waiver of any beliefs or principles, the decision should not be taken in someone's favor.

Compromise should not bear the harm

supreme skill in today's society is considered to be a compromise between several parties, which does not bear harm anyone's interest.However, the search for a compromise solution has a very fine line in the cultural normalization of relations.It often happens that the adoption of a common solution is reduced to a market economy.

But in any case, the choice is yours.That's for you to decide, it is to search for compromise, or attempt to continue to defend their point of view.If you decide to search out of this dispute to the benefit of all, it is necessary to wish you good luck!