Theater "Globe".

"Globe", one of the oldest theaters in Novosibirsk, was founded in 1930.Throughout its history it changed its name, directors, expanding the repertoire moved to a new address.He now occupies the building, arranged in an unusual architectural style.What is interesting theater "Globe" (Novosibirsk)?

Top Quality

His full name - Academic Youth Theatre.For almost a century old institution formed its repertoire, which over the years was modified somewhat, gaining the maximum thrust of different genres.Today, the theater each season puts various performances.Annually company updated with new owners, natives of theatrical institutions.Many people recognized that the theater "Globe" (Novosibirsk) - one of the favorite and most visited in the city.

history of the formation

Since 1930, when it was founded, theater performances not seen one school director.There honed skills, many eminent figures of culture.First, "Globe" was located in the House of Lenin, he gave later under the State Philharmonic.Since

1984, he received a permanent address - street Kamensky, 1. A special feature of the building is its unusual shape - theater "Globe" is designed for sailing boat.

first play was the play "Timoshkin mine."Initially the company included actors Theatre for Young Audiences, "discharged" from Leningrad.The repertoire includes the first season of classical performances, including "Snow Queen", designed for a children's audience.The period of World War II was not a party - nicknamed the townspeople among youth theater, "Globe" toured the hospitals to maintain the morale of soldiers and those who remained in the rear.At this time, I created a repertoire that has kept the theater in the postwar years.

For half a century the troupe is constantly changing.Theater "Globe" was a place of work of such directors as Lev Belov and Vladimir Kuzmin.They were trying to expand the program, a lot of experimenting, put "The Minor" and "Young Guard".Since the late 60s the theater management took over Nina Nikulkova, Honored Worker of Culture.Thanks to her, the theater moved to a new address.Nikulkova personally went to the Ministry to "knock out" the construction of the building.

closer to world standards

With the arrival of the new artistic director, composer Gregory Gobernik, the theater was filled with musical aesthetics, characterized in that each performance directed as a holiday.Not only art, but also the technical component was developed: there was a restoration, change the interior, replacement of seats in the auditorium.

Renaming the theater "Globe" was held in 1993.It was marked by the fact that the program has gone beyond the Soviet classics.Like geographical globe, represents the entire globe, the repertoire of the theater was extensive and varied.Its foundation was incorporated dramatic world recognized authors, which viewers have not seen before.Six years later, youth theater changed its name to the academic.

rich life of the theater

Almost every season are invited to the new directors, thus creating a generation of directors.The repertoire of the theater "Globe" includes performances of different directions - melodrama, comedy masks, sitcom, psychological and philosophical pieces, bearing the intellectual nature.Particular attention is still paid to the children's performances, based primarily on the classic fairy tale.

At the end of 2014 the creative troupe consists of forty-five actors are constantly involved in the repertoire.To these must be added the directors-directors, heads of vocal and dance studio.Actors Theater "Globe" - people, worked for many years on the stage.Over thirteen of them have the title of Honored Artist.Recently formed trainee studio in which graduates can enter the theater institute.They fall into the category of young theater actors involved in the productions.

creative team involved in the Russian festivals and similar events held in other countries.In addition, the theater "Globe" often goes on tour to various regions of Russia.

few interesting facts about the theater

readers will be interested to know that:

  • Today "Globus" has two scenes - big and small, for 500 and 118 seats, respectively;
  • each loud premiere theater - an important event for the entire city;
  • year usually goes 8-9 new productions;
  • for a full season the total number of more than 45 performances, all of them non-stop go on both theater venues.

Theater "Globe" in London

As is known, the theater of the same name exists not only in our country.In contrast to the Russian "Globes", English theater formed much earlier.

first mention of it occurs in 1599.Then the personal funds of the local troupe of artists Lords (it belonged to William Shakespeare), was established in London, "Globe".The building was destroyed by a fire that erupted in 1613.A year later, the theater rebuilt.By the time he moved to Stratford Shakespeare, but in the "Globe" has already staged some of his plays.To this day the building has been preserved.

New Era - a new culture

American director Sam Uenameyker was the first who blew the need to restore the theater, and, retaining the original name.Its construction was included in the so-called "Elizabethan plan", under which was reconstructed especially important objects of cultural heritage.In 1997, the "Globe" has been opened.Since then, and today it takes theatrical season, which lasts from May to October.

Theater "Globe" in London - an incredibly beautiful architectural building.It has scene which protrudes forward in the shape of round yard.With sloping tiers of seats around him.Should be placed standing room tickets, which cost 5 pounds.The main stage is closed roof.In winter theater season opens excursions taking tourists from all over the world.

The prototype of London "Globes" has inspired a number of countries to build identical in appearance of the theater.These included the United States, Germany, Italy.