How is the dividing wall in the apartment with the help of plasterboard

In modern conditions the apartments are set in the walls more often.Many of us wish to reschedule your home, to introduce into the interior of the unusual shape and implement their favorite designs.Initially think is where the partition will be placed in the apartment.Next, select the material of its manufacture.This can be magnesite sheet or OSB-plate.But the most common material for walls is drywall.It is universal in use, easy to install regardless of the room.

drywall in the apartment must be installed in compliance with the rules is very important.First you need to assemble the frame of metal profiles, and inside it put all the necessary communications.Next, the paneling gypsum boards, which can be applied topcoat.This can be wallpapering or painting.Very often, the owners of houses was selected radius interior walls.They look stylish and aesthetically pleasing, thus emphasizing the taste and originality owner.

installation of partitions in the apartment can be divided into stages.The first st

ep is marking the location of the profile on the walls and floor.In the process of calculation should take into account the severity of the details that will impact on the plasterboard structures.Further sealing tape attached to the back of the profile of the metal.

To install interior radius walls, drilled the holes at a distance of about fifty centimeters.The next phase involves fixing the frame to the floor.Further, it is joined by a wall profile and aligned plumb and level building.Rounding out this stage of fixing the frame to the ceiling.

third step of the installation walls - putting into communication networks.To do this, the voids formed between the uprights, laid corrugation.It is designed to protect the cable from any damage and prevents a fire in case of fire.This contributes to catching an inert gas.If the partition in the apartment will include corrugated boxes, it can easily be replaced by a cable that has deteriorated.To do this, you want to bind one end of the new cable, but for the opposite - to pull out of the structure.

The fourth step is to trim frame plasterboard.For its attachment to the profile of the metal screws are used.Care should be taken so that they are included in the frame to a depth of less than one centimeter.Wherein the head of the screw has one millimeter sink into the sheet metal.

Before the partition of the apartment is fully trimmed, its interior space is filled with polystyrene foam or mineral wool.Then drywall is attached to the second side the same way.

concludes installation step involves applying the finish plastering the surface layer and subsequent polishing.When most of the work is completed, you can paste over wallpaper or paint the partition to the desired color.