Ammonium nitrate: the use and production method

Today, one of the most common fertilizer ammonium nitrate is considered.Its application is based on the marked influence on the yield of grain crops.Its use significantly increases the return on each hectare of agricultural land.By type of ammonium nitrate - the second name, which is ammonium nitrate (its application is very popular today) - is a crystal having no color.They have excellent hygroscopic, so they well absorb atmospheric moisture and rapidly dissolve in water.

Technology of this material involves neutralizing the acid by ammonia solution and the subsequent evaporation.Ammonium nitrate is granulated in special spray aggregates, whereupon it is cooled and coated with a chemical composition from caking.From one to four millimeters - a conventional particle size, which is produced in the form of ammonium nitrate.Its application is due mainly high content of nutrient nitrogen fertilizer and good friability.The material is then packed into containers of various volumes (soft containers, bags),

or sent to the consumer in the form of bulk in special wagons.

When producing certain additive can receive the ammonium nitrate, the price of it in this case will depend on the type of additional ingredient.In most cases the conditioning agent having a magnesium sulphate (sometimes with phosphates), calcium.Upon request, can be used, and other new additives not provided for the types of technology.

Due to the strong oxidizing properties, which is ammonium nitrate, the use and handling of this matter should be carried out in compliance with certain precautions.In particular, it can not be stored for a long time (for more than six months), and in large piles, since caking of the material becomes even explosive.Areas where it is warehoused, should be well ventilated and dry.Be stored and transported separately necessary ammonium nitrate from other chemicals.In addition, people performing work with this chemical, you need to follow your own safety measures (wear protective clothing, mask, glasses).

Plant - the main industry for which produced ammonium nitrate.Buy it most wants agricultural producers engaged in the cultivation of cereals.It can be applied to all types of soil.Typically, it is used as a top dressing for winter or basic fertilizer for all kinds of cereals.Very good ammonium nitrate affects the efficiency of spring wheat.Its use provides excellent resistance to fungal diseases and strong stems from cereals.Especially effective is a combination of ammonium nitrate with phosphate and potassium fertilizers.On acid soils it is recommended to add ground limestone.In the light lands need to make fertilizer just before planting.

Besides agriculture it is, due to its oxidative properties, is widely used in the industry (for the production of explosives, fuels).