Modern gas industry

According to statistical reports, the gas industry in the structure of the fuel and energy complex of Russia appeared not so long ago.About fifty years ago it was put into operation the first power on the extraction and processing of natural gas.As further development of known deposits and exploration of new natural gas reserves are estimated huge volumes.On the basis of these data, it developed a plan of mining and processing this resource.To implement this plan needed to produce industrial gas equipment and appropriately train specialists.

natural gas compared with other fuels, it has a number of advantages.The first difference is that it should be stressed - by the combustion gas remains ash, slag, or other by-products.It is much easier to be transported to the place of consumption.It can be stored as a compressed or liquefied state.Given the market conditions, the gas industry has mastered the technology for producing liquefied natural gas.In this form he is in demand in some Asian countries.Altho

ugh the main mode of supply of fuel pipelines remain.Their length of tens of thousands of kilometers.

not difficult to imagine that the creation, maintenance and development of the economy required a tremendous effort of engineering, designers and builders.There is every reason to say that the gas industry was the driving force, the driving force that pushed the development of scientific research and improvement of engineering technologies.If we consider the production and supply of gas as a definite chain of actions, it would be a simple scheme and understandable.Gas, figuratively speaking, is pumped from the underground reservoir that was created by nature, and is pumped through the tube to the right place.

Including the kitchen gas stove, millions of people in all corners of our planet do not even think about, with some effort produced the "blue fuel" and in what way is transported.While modern smelters produce metals and alloys required for the production of pipes, valves and gas generators.In practice, there was a kind of complex when the gas industry supplies iron and steel high-tech fuel, and instead of getting the right equipment for their activity.Special piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that the use of gas in industry can improve the technical and economic performance.

In this context, it should be noted that the gas industry the world has accumulated a large number of technologies for the production and transportation of gas.Natural gas reserves are located in various regions of the world in various geological conditions.There pure gas fields - on land and under the ocean surface.There are gas formation, or so-called "cap" over the oil fields.In each case, the definition of mining technology.That is why the gas companies include in their structure research and development departments.