Potash salt - fertilizer donated by nature

Potash salt is the starting material for the manufacture of fertilizers.It uses natural materials: sylvinite, carnallite, kainite, shenit and others.Extracted from their deposits in the form of layers or lenses of lacustrine deposits.Potash salt refers to a group of non-metallic mineral resources, it and its compounds have a wide range of applications in various industries.In general one manufactured fertilizer, moreover, they are used in the manufacture of detergents, chemicals, glass, medicine, for tanned skins, the processing of gold and silver ores.No matter what a potassium salt, it contains an element of the formula, which served as the basis for its name.Despite the versatility of raw materials, its main purpose - the production of mineral fertilizers.

in agriculture is often used potassium salt sylvinite.Because it is made of fertilizer by mechanical grinding.Silvinit is a compound of potassium chloride and sodium.It looks like a large crystals of bluish, white or pinkish color.He has small hy

groscopic, so easy to make the fertilizer into the ground and does not cake.Due to the large amounts of sodium it is best to use it for crops that are resistant to it: beet, carrot.Cainite is also considered a good raw material for fertilizers.Due to the high content of chlorine it is mainly used in the autumn plowing of land intended for resistance to this element of culture.

Another common fertilizer - potassium chloride is, the price for it is negligible, but the effect of adoption appreciated by many farmers.This material in the form of granules or white crystalline salt.Due to the high concentration of nutrients, easy to digest plants, it is the most popular fertilizer in agriculture.It is obtained by processing sylvinite using the method of dissolution and crystallization or flotation.This substance is also characterized by low hygroscopicity.Its application for a number of crops is limited to a high content of chlorine.Basically, it is used as a top dressing for crops buckwheat, potato and cruciferous.

There eponymous fertilizer - potassium salt.Externally, it looks like crystals orange-brown or pinkish-gray.Producing this kind of compound fertilizer ground sylvite and potassium chloride.This feed up because of the large concentration of chemical substances used only in the autumn plowing.

Potassium-magnesium is produced from shenita.Externally, it looks like an off-white crystals.Kalimag produced by grinding the ore langbeynitovoy.This fertilizer is very similar to the previous one.The main difference - reduced content of magnesium and potassium.Due to the absence of chlorine, the two fertilizer can be used for growing sensitive to this element of the culture.

Potassium sulfate is considered to be the main type of the spring-summer fertilizing.Release it in the form of a white crystalline powder that can completely dissolve in water.Thanks to the latter fact, it can be used as feed in the drip irrigation complexes.On the effectiveness of this fertilizer can be given one of the first places.