Melamine: What is it and how to use?

Description and properties

Melamine.What it is?This chemical compound as colorless crystals, which lies at the base of triazine.It is almost insoluble in water and liquid solvents.Its melting temperature is 354 degrees.After reaching the mark begins the decomposition process.


only when used chromatography can determine that a particular material contains melamine.That the substance is applied during the manufacture of adhesives, coatings, plastics, herbicides, fertilizers, and dyes known to many.But few people know that some unscrupulous food manufacturers add it to their products.This is due to the fact that the compound is able to show a high concentration of the protein during the tests.The surfaces, which is composed of a substance that are highly resistant to mechanical stress and do not lose their performance even under the sun.In connection with this it can often be found in furniture, even in such elements as worktop.Melamine is easy to care for, he is not afraid of using the clean

ing of all kinds of cleaning products.


most widely This compound was prepared as a basis for the manufacture of plastics.The reason for this is very simple - unbreakable plastic products have a high degree of strength and heat resistance, if their composition has a melamine.What is this substance is dangerous to humans if misused, few know.First of all, we are talking about food.The fact that the plastic by heating and contact with foods and liquids emit formaldehyde, so use a substance in the manufacture of glassware is simply unacceptable.Confirmation that melamine is harmful and dangerous for human health, is a list of the effects that it can cause.Among them, cancer, skin diseases, disorders of the reproductive capacity, respiratory tract irritation.It is highly probable that the outcome of acute poisoning (three grams of material per kilogram of body weight) is generally fatal.


content standards in the European Union tolerable daily intake of melamine man is set at 0.2 mg per 1 kg of body weight.The comparable figure in Canada is 0.35 mg, in the United States - 0,063 mg.On the recommendations of the World Health Organizations, the safe daily amount of the substance for humans is 0.2 mg / kg body weight.

Tableware Melamine

can not but emphasize the fact about the dishes, which is composed of melamine, which is formally in our country is not prohibited, in spite of the high toxicity and danger.It is envisaged that it can be used for decorative purposes.At the same time, there are requirements that cutlery and utensils shall be marked indicating the presence of melamine in their composition.Indicative was the incident that occurred in 2008 in China.Then one of the enterprises that produce dried infant formula, added substance to their products.The result of these actions was the death of four infants.Two guilty of this man had been executed.In spite of everything, today China remains the world's largest exporter of melamine.However, the local government has reduced the volume of its production and has tightened control over possible fraud.