Beautiful nature of Crimea.

The people of Crimea is called the "world in miniature".And it is justified, because the nature of the Crimea so diverse and unique.Only on the Crimean peninsula can encounter a combination of flat mountain tops, see the plateau with chilly and incredibly moist air.And just a couple of kilometers away the warm Black Sea coast with its pebble and sandy beaches.

The most important

Natural Museum often still refer to the local nature.On our planet, there are very few places would be so extraordinary combine different cozy and beautiful landscapes.Many public moments especially nature Crimea predefined specificity of geographical location of the peninsula, its geology, climate and topography.

Flora republic is particularly interesting and rich.Only one of higher wild plants, there are more than 65% of the total number of plants in European countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States.But along with this there are cultivated about a thousand species of plants from the foreign regions.

Almost all vegetation grows in the Crimea its mountainous south.And this museum is truly a wealth of flora.


Beautiful nature of the Crimea - it's not all that can boast this peninsula.Its pleasant climate also encouraged local residents and tourists.In most of the dominated climate, typical of the temperate zone: in the plains of the steppe, and it is soft, and in the mountains it is more humid, just be what can be found in deciduous forests.And the south coast of the Crimea - a sub-Mediterranean nature of scrub and dry forests.

Features Crimean nature is such that the island provided a huge amount of heat, not only in the summer but also in winter.Still, the greatest republic receives his degree in the first summer month.Spring is here a little cooler than autumn.And the latter is considered the best season of the year.At that time dominated by a quiet, sunny and moderately warm weather.But there are sudden changes in pressure during the day, which adversely affects the health of people.

Crimean river

Nature abounds in Crimea the presence of rivers, of which there are 1657 pieces.Within this figure, and temporary streams.The total length of both the others, is almost six thousand kilometers.150 rivers are considered dwarf rivers, as often their length is less than ten kilometers.The longest river is Salgir.It is stretched by more than 200 kilometers.All the arteries of the peninsula divided into three groups: the river belonging to the north-western slopes of the Crimean Mountains, rivers, pertaining to the south coast and waters of the northern slopes.This classification is based on the orientation of surface water runoff.

The animals and little animals

Small parameters of the peninsula and its remoteness from the mainland led to some extent poor fauna.This fact is shown not in the small number of species such as fish in a small amount of each.

Nature Crimea allows him to dwell in the forests of the mountainous part of the Crimean red deer, wild boars, badgers, stone martens and lanyam.Also here there are deer and foxes.Among the birds can distinguish owls, woodpeckers, jays and blackbirds.It is not uncommon, and black-headed vultures, griffons and woodcocks, but, unfortunately, there are only 20-30 individuals, not more.

Local steppes are found various rodents.Among them can be seen voles, hamsters, gerbils, and gophers.All of them serve as food for foxes, weasels and ferrets.In underground cavities of live worms, molluscs and various beetles.Well, in caves, rock crevices, often on the roofs of residential buildings nest some kinds of bats.

Maiden Lake

in a separate category would have to endure natural monuments of the Crimea.It's a truly unique objects, worthy of honor and praise.One of these attractions is the Maiden Lake, located at Mangup plateau.This is an extraordinarily beautiful man-made pond.It is located in the valley formed between the mountains Chishma-Boir Baba Dag.Such an interesting name of the reservoir causes a lot of questions, but where it came from, so no one knows.

lake created in 1983-1984, and it is so harmoniously fit into the mountain forest complex, which is now simply impossible to imagine the breathtaking landscape without his presence.Today, this area is incredibly popular among tourists.A few centuries ago there was located medieval settlement and basil.

And a little surprising objects

Nature peninsula of Crimea has created many wonderful and secluded places on its territory.For example, Monkey Bay or Bay of Love is a wonderful proof of this statement.It is located between the village Malorechenskoe and fish.Due to its secluded location, landmark, won titles Bay Love.By the way, it is part of the crater of an ancient extinct volcano.

Here is another inimitable natural monument - a peninsula on the peninsula - Cape Meganom.He took the place of honor on the east coast of the Crimea.And if the street is great weather, it can be seen from most of Yalta, which from Sudak, where actually "settle" Cape separated as much as 130 kilometers.Translated from the Greek Meganom means "big house."Is it really worth it to make sure on their own experience visiting this wonderful and majestic Cape.

nature should be protected

Nature of Crimea is the consummate creation of the universe.Some objects of nature stand out among his fellow characteristic unique features, and therefore are of extraordinary interest to the person.And he is known, is the predatory creature on the planet.So often these attractions are objects of religious rites, witnessed important historical events.That is why they need to protect, preserve and cherish.

Crimea Nature Conservancy recently not very concerned about government officials.More and more experience on this occasion passed on volunteers and just indifferent people.But still very hard it is to protect the forests from being cut down, and pools of sewage that fall here as a result of the various industrial plants.

Keep Crimean values ​​must be so if it was the last treasure in the world.And when it is gone, there will come a sort of Armageddon.And it's true, as the nature of the peninsula and the only unique, like life, like an eternity as the most romantic moment ...