How to build a portal to the Twilight forest "maynkraft"

Base world in which your character appears, many believe the only, but it is not so.Of course, this is the main world in which most of the action takes place, but you can travel between different worlds, using special portals that can create their own (or in some cases to find and activate).In this article you will learn how to build a portal to the twilight woods, as this wonderful world of reason has long remained without proper attention from gamers.Everyone was focused on the lower world, heaven and the province, but no one thought about the wonderful Twilight forest.Well, now you will have an incredible journey.Just do not forget to install these special events "Portal Twilight Forest", as in the original version of the game there are only two more of the world - and the edge of hell.Other worlds, such as paradise, are added using mods.

What is needed for the portal?

Before you build a portal in the twilight forest, you need to stock up the necessary tools and materials.To begin with, take a s

pade and two buckets, each of which will be filled with water.Also go to the clearing and collect twelve yellow flowers.And the last, most difficult item - a diamond.Diamonds in the game is very difficult to extract, they are quite rare, so you will find quite a lot of work.But the journey to the twilight forest is really worth it, so you better try as it should.When you have all the necessary tools and materials, you can move on to the main question: "How to build a portal to the twilight woods?"

construction process

Many gamers are accustomed to the fact that portal - a frame from a particular material, may not understand how to build a portal in the twilight forest with a set of materials.But it's much easier - you first need to find a good place to build.It is important for you to dig a hole two to two blocks so that it was just around the grass.If there is a block of earth, sand or any other material, the portal does not work, so choose a place very carefully.Then fill the hole formed in two buckets of water, so that it was filled to the brim.The next step - planting flowers.You need to place them around your holes around the perimeter - it is just twelve blocks.That's all, your portal to the Twilight Forest "Maynkrafta" ready, but so far it's just a small pond with flowers around.How to activate it?

activation portal

As you know, activation will occur by means of a diamond, as required of the materials you have left it alone.You need to throw a diamond in the water, but then forbidden to be near the water and look at the process, because you run the risk of their lives.Activation occurs by a lightning strike, which happens just a couple of seconds after the diamond will be in the water.And if you're there, then you can also touch and lightning, as you know, is lethal for the character in "maynkraft."Immediately after that, you can dive into the water, which had acquired a purple hue, and go into the new unknown world.


Precautions - is what you need to think first of all, if you create this structure in multiplayer mode.First of all you need zaprivatit territory with the portal as if someone destroy it, then you simply can not return from the forest and stay there forever, and this perspective, of course, not the most pleasant.So make sure that you have in any case been escape route.