Compton effect in astrophysics

No matter how we tried to reassure ufologists and science fiction writers, space - the sphere of huge distances, and the way to make it the millennium.Personality factors in relation to these ways enormously small.Will one person in front of these distances do not mean anything.And with bitterness, perhaps, we have to admit: the cosmos - not for humans.But this does not prevent us to look for ways of understanding what is happening in the universe, using the discoveries made in the world.For example, such as the Compton effect.

Language and Mathematics light

Astrophysics explains the world only through the light and mathematics, and other work tools at hand scholars of this specialty is almost there.In most cases, an astrophysicist is not able to take a sample or be directly witnessed the process.And only on a theoretical calculation inconsistencies scientist establishes the truth.Well, relative truth, from time to development of science.More discrepancies?So there is a work colleague, researc

her or student of the scientist.

essence of the phenomenon

Compton effect occurs when a photon has more energy, collides with an atom (usually - a molecule, because the majority of substances on the Earth's surface yet molecular).Thus, the photon collides with an atom.The "victim" side parting with the electrons of the outer shells.Only this is not all - the collision scattered wave radiation frequency changes, and the classical theory of waves can not understand this phenomenon, Compton effect.


The events prove Einstein's views on the photon as a particle.The discovery of the effect took place a long time ago, and he won the Nobel Prize Compton (namely in 1927).Opening effect contributed to the understanding of the nature of light, because even the term "photon" was created in 1926.And so colleagues praised the result of Compton.

everywhere constant

Compton formula includes trigonometric functions, because the only value that is variable in this equation - the angle of incidence of the photon.Accordingly, the entire equation can be reduced to a constant 2, 42, which is multiplied by 10 to the minus twelfth.Measurement unit - meters, that is, an abstract expression of the length of the shift.In fact, it was created just for convenience.

Understand monsters

not used in astrophysics Compton effect, and the effect, its inverse.With knowledge of this physical phenomenon has become possible to study the so-called black holes.Inverse Compton effect is that electrons, moving at the speed of light in the crown of the black hole, faced with low-energy photons and change their frequency.So scientists can establish the characteristics of a black hole, about to quantify occurring in a pair of black holes merging processes.

black holes - not the only "patient" whose features can research astrophysicist, using the Compton effect.More on this phenomenon judged on the cluster of galaxies, since the particles passing by photon sources, changing the frequency.It is also exposed to the effects of the described effects background radiation - the ancient voice of the universe.You may be able to understand the world better if carried away in astrophysics?