Esenina Museum in Moscow, photos, how to get there

According to an official statement of the international organization UNESCO XX century poet Sergei Yesenin - the most readable and published author in the world of Russian poetry.Biography of the poet is full of facts, events and actions, which can be treated differently, approving or condemning them.But the talent is reflected in his literary work, is undeniable.

From the history of the museum

in 1995 celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the poet.To this date, and the museum was opened in Moscow Yesenin.His first exhibition was assembled on the initiative of people who are not indifferent to the work of an outstanding Russian poet.According to most admirers of his talent, the house-museum in Moscow Esenina should be mandatory.After the poet has repeatedly confessed to love this city and truly said that he is better than Moscow did not see anything.

While not all the events with Yesenin in Moscow can be called happy.There were also defeats, disappointments and heartache and loss.In

1996, the museum received the status of state cultural institutions.Since then, his door is always open to many visitors and admirers of Russian poetry.

Address house-museum

That house, which today houses the Museum of Yesenin in Moscow is the official place of residence of the poet from 1911 to 1918.Here he was not only a member, but actually lived.It was here that the young poet came from the village of Konstantinovo to his father, Alexander Nikitich Yesenin.

house №24 in the Big Strochenovsky lane now serving today many people know.Here come all who wish to learn more about the life of Yesenin, try to understand it.Only after such a close acquaintance of his poetry begins to sound in a new way, and the person has the opportunity to get real pleasure from touching poems Yesenin.The house where the museum is located, was built in the second half of the XIX century.In 1992 the building was recreated and today is the historical and cultural monument, protected by the state.

Yesenin Museum in Moscow.How to get there?

Moscow State Museum named after SA Yesenin is located in the central district of the city.At 350 meters away is the metro station "Serpukhov", so the question of how to get to the museum, is not problematic.Residents of Moscow and its guests can always use Directions to the museum, which can be seen on an electronic map of the city.In addition, it is possible to build the most convenient route from any part of the capital by means of transportation.

programs and activities of the museum complex

Yesenin Museum in Moscow regularly organizes activities that can be attributed to the cultural events of the capital.It may be poetry readings, concerts, meetings with famous actors, musicians, readers.Among today's most talented readers of poetry SAEsenin experts call the name of Alexander Zlischeva.In November 2014 it was his performance accompanied by live music in the museum sounded heartfelt poems of great Russian poet.

Museum staff conduct lectures which addressed the theme of citizenship, love, philosophical attitude to life and discussed many other issues.Among the activities developed by the museum, there are programs for children.With creativity Esenina younger generation starting to learn about the early school age.The poet himself, while still very young, said that his poetry will be understood and accepted by the readers only in a hundred years.It is now time when Esenin even more in demand than ever before.

interesting in content walking tours that introduce and work of the poet, and the history of the places where he liked to be in Moscow.Yesenin courtyard in the territory of the house-museum warmly welcome guests and provide an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday.One of the exhibition tells about the poet Yesenin as the representatives of the world of culture.His name is on a par with the names of prominent figures of world-class literature.

museums and expositions

Yesenin Museum in Moscow, which is present in the photo paper has in its collections valuable materials relating to private life and work of the poet.The emphasis placed on the fact that most fully reflect the Moscow period of the life of Sergei Alexandrovich.

However, among the exhibits of the museum has materials about the St. Petersburg period of the poet's life, his foreign trip.These include manuscripts Esenina, publishing books, released during his lifetime.There is a rich collection, which included personal correspondence Sergei Alexandrovich, his family and close associates.Rich material for the study of art and way of life of the poet give genuine documents, family photo albums, personal belongings, memories of contemporaries Esenina.

unique materials of the museum can be seen in various cities in Russia and abroad, as staff regularly organizes traveling exhibitions.

Restoration work

In 2010, the government of the capital Yesenin Museum in Moscow has been expanded - the institution has been allocated an additional building on the street Chernyshevsky, house №4, where at one time the poet repeatedly visited, as there are often meetings were held Surikov literary-musical circle.The building is to be built in 1905, and therefore requires repair work, and the foundation, walls and roof.

In 2014 began the design work aimed at preserving the historic appearance of the mansion.It is supposed to transform the State Museum of Sergey Yesenin in Moscow, in a modern museum complex, which will be able to take a lot of visitors.In addition, employees of the institution planned to create favorable conditions for more fruitful research in the walls of the house-museum.Today this building is closed for renovation.

In 2015, the cultural community all over the world will celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin.Museum to develop and implement a comprehensive series of events dedicated to this memorable date.