When celebrating the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Fascism?

In the history of the world there are many tragic events and dates, at the mention of which goose bumps run.For one of these dates is the second Sunday in September, when the whole country from one year to remember the victims of the "brown plague".

terrible time

Memorial Day of Victims of Fascism made to honor the dead on the battlefields of the bombing, starvation and wounds.Remembering soldiers and veterans, unknown heroes and those who have been imprisoned and tortured in concentration camps.

Innumerable heroic and victims of fascism.Photography their memory is still stored on the sidelines of the many museums and, willy-nilly horrify.

honor and remember

International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Fascism was appointed in September 1962 is not surprising, as this is the month proved fatal for the majority of the world countries.The Second World War, which was planned to be lightning, but plus everything has turned into a global armed grinder, not sparing anyone.

At various stages involved in it at the same time from 8 to 12 million people, from 84 to 164 thousand guns, from 6 to 19 thousand aircraft.Against the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and its allies put five millionth army, armed to the teeth with the latest technology.

Then the Nazis took prisoner more than five million Soviet people, and destroyed them all.In this war, there were no winners, in fact on the brink of destruction was given civilization.

death camps

They began their existence in Germany since the Nazis came to power, and are designed to isolate the opposition-minded people against the Nazi regime.The name of the camp received because the people, literally, was concentrated in one space.

happened in 1933.

In the period from 1933 to 1945 were built more than twenty thousand buildings, including the number of camps:

- forced-forced labor;

- to transfer (they were the last station before the deadly camps);

- death, which were intended for mass killings and brutal executions.

In 1938, after the annexation of the Austrian Jews were imprisoned in Buchenwald, Dachau and Sachsenhausen.

In September 1939, opened a camp for forced labor.They are millions of prisoners died from hunger, exhaustion and toxic chemicals.

In 1941, after the attack on the Soviet Union sharply increased the number of buildings for military prisoners.Many were built in the territory of pre-existing institutions.

These include not obscure Polish Auschwitz.

In 1943, in the infamous Majdanek were killed thousands of Soviet prisoners of war soldiers.In order to improve the efficiency of the massacres and depersonalization process for the executioners were constructed gas chambers.At Auschwitz, there were four similar.Every day, up to six million Jews were gassed.

Fascism - yesterday and forever?

racism and nationalism - largely related concepts, the existence of different breeds.During World War II, the Nazis terrorized and raped people everywhere, and in the occupied territories, and in their free land.Fascism became a hellish cauldron for millions of people from around the world.

scariest recognize that this disease is very hard lodged in the minds of modern man.One need only look at the recent history of skinheads, right quadrant, the march of neo-Nazis in 2011, in Kiev, and you realize that Day of Remembrance of Victims of Fascism people need now more than ever, otherwise it can happen again.

We can not allow a repetition of the scenario, forgotten concentration camp, Gazenvagen, the gas chambers, the fires of human corpses, crafts made of human bones.We have no right!Not for this fathers, grandfathers, husbands and sons went to the front.They sacrificed their lives and shed blood teeth pulled out hope for a brighter future.

September 14, 2014 in Russia was considered a sad day.Then it was canceled all entertainment events.Ordinary people and government officials laid flowers to the memorials and graves of unknown soldiers throughout the country.

But September 14, 2014 in Ukraine was under different slogans.Donetsk, Kramatorsk and Slavic burned in the fire.Bombed and destroyed kindergartens, homes and hospitals - the whole city.On the territory there is not a single living space.It seems that people have forgotten the sad experience of our ancestors.

People!Wake up before it's too late!

Great memory

Day of Remembrance of Victims of Fascism, each country took part in the war, said differently.In the UK, for example, Remembrance Day falls on November 11th.Each year, 11 of the UK, the Netherlands, France and Belgium at 11 am freeze for two minutes to honor all those who have paid with their lives for our peaceful sky.In the UK, there is a tradition: in the period from October to November in their buttonholes clothes to wear red poppies symbolizing the memory of those killed in wars.

in Germany since 1996. January 27 is considered to be the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of National Socialism.Then held rallies and ceremonies.Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Fascism in 2014 with the scope mentioned Russia and England.It was the centennial anniversary since the beginning of the First World War.At that time, the two countries were allies in the ranks of the Entente.Incurred losses in both countries hit number.But the loss of England in this war were more numerous.Hence, such a thrill, and such a long memory of these terrible events.

Tower in the Tower of London to this date have created a fascinating installation of red clay of poppies, each symbolizing a lost life.It was a charity event, poppies could buy everyone, and proceeds from the fees went to the aid of veterans and members of the armed forces.

Memorial Day of Victims of Fascism World War II veterans meet with young people and talk about the blockade of life, the battles and the remaining remnants of war, so that they, too, remember.

Why wait

Let us not forget the sorrow that once enslaved so many people instantly.Unless those are tears of millions of civilians, shed tens of years ago, the revival of the nationalist spirit in the enormous scale?Of course not!So what prevents resist him and not to succumb to provocation?