Modern travelers and their discovery

seems already passed the time of the discoverers, no more blank spots on the map.But it turns out, and today you can make travel and study Mysterious corners of the planet.Suppose that we have discovered all the continents and islands, even from space, you can see the most remote and inaccessible areas, and the inquisitive human mind sets itself new challenges and solve them, organizes expeditions.Who are the modern traveler of the 21st century?

names of modern travelers

When we remember the famous pioneers, along with the great Columbus, Magellan, Cook, Bellingshausen and Lazarev and others, talking about our contemporaries.Names Cousteau, Heyerdahl, Sienkiewicz, Konyukhov and other researchers also sound like a hymn to the study of our planet.Modern travelers and their discovery is an excellent example to follow.

Jacques Cousteau

Cousteau - the greatest oceanographer, a French scientist and explorer.This is the man who discovered the underwater world for mankind.That his hands were made gog

gles for snorkeling, scuba first, equipped with the first scientific vessel, studied the depths of the sea.He owns the first film shot in the water.

the first time people had the opportunity to move freely in the water and sink to a depth of 90 m. Under the leadership Cousteau organized the first underwater expeditions.First it was the archaeological research on the ocean floor and photography at depths of several kilometers.

When Cousteau created the "scuba saucer" - a mini-submarine to explore the possibility of the water column has increased dramatically.The continuation was based on the time of underwater research stations where modern travelers living for several months and may make observations directly into the sea.

result of years of work on the study Cousteau underwater world began books and films, which have great popularity: "The Silent World", "World Without Sun", a documentary series "Hidden Odyssey Cousteau".Since 1957, he headed the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco.In 1973 it was founded "The Cousteau Society for the Conservation of Nature."

Among his honors, he believed the main Legion of Honor.Cousteau died in 1997 in Paris.

Thor Heyerdahl

This name is also familiar to anyone who is even slightly interested in travel.Thor Heyerdahl famous voyage undertaken to prove his point of view on the settlement of various parts of the world.

Heyerdahl first put forward the idea that the islands of Polynesia could have been populated by immigrants from South America.To prove this theory, modern travelers under his leadership made the unprecedented voyage on balsa raft "Kon-Tiki" across the Pacific.Beating about 8000 km in 101 days, the expedition reached the Tuamotu Islands.This raft has retained its buoyancy, and if it were not for the storm, probably could hold out until the coast of Asia.

followed expeditions on reed boats "Ra" and "Ra-2", which involved our compatriot Yuri Senkevich.The boat "Tigris", swimming which was supposed to show the possibility of links between Mesopotamia and the peninsula of Hindustan, was burned by the team in protest against military action off the coast of Djibouti, and the expedition has not been completed.

Heyerdahl in many areas did not agree with the scientific world and put forward their theories.For many years he studied the mysteries of Easter Island, especially the origin of the famous stone idols.Tours claimed that these giant statues could produce and deliver to the place of the natives of the island, did not have modern tools for stone and vehicles.And the results of his research have been sensational, though not recognized by most scientists.

From controversial theories Heyerdahl also note the version of the relations between the Vikings and the inhabitants of the Caucasus and Azov.He believed that the Vikings - from the North Caucasus.But to prove this theory it prevented death in 2002.

Heyerdahl numerous books about his views on the development of the world and travel, documentary films made about them are still very fun and interesting for everyone.

Yuri Senkevich

Modern Russian traveler and host of the popular TV show in the country, "Travel Club", polar explorer, he participated in the 12th Soviet Antarctic Expedition.

In 1969, the organization of the expedition to the "Ra" Thor Heyerdahl wrote a letter to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR with an invitation to participate in her physician with a good knowledge of the English language, with experience in expeditions and a sense of humor.The choice fell on Sienkiewicz.A lively and cheerful, with an optimistic view of life and skills of the practitioner, Yuri quickly befriended Heyerdahl and other team members.

Subsequently, they more than once participated in the expedition of the famous Norwegian.Many studies Heyerdahl became known Soviet viewer immediately thanks to the television show, which was conducted by Yuri Senkevich."Club kinoputeshestvy" became for many a window to the world, allows you to get acquainted with interesting places of the globe.Guests of transmission became the modern traveler: Heyerdahl, Cousteau, Jacek PaƂkiewicz, Carlo Mauri, and many others.

Sienkiewicz took part in the medical support expeditions to the North Pole and Mount Everest.Yuri Alexandrovich died in 2006 on the set of another TV.

Tim Severin

Many modern travelers repeat routes navigators and explorers of the past.One of the most famous - Briton Tim Severin.

first he made his journey in the footsteps of Marco Polo on motorcycles.Leaving Venice, Severin and his comrades crossed almost the whole of Asia and reached the borders of China.Here, the journey had to be completed, as permission to visit the country had been received.Further the study of the Mississippi River (while sailing on her boat and canoe).The next expedition - from St. Brendan across the Atlantic Ocean.

Inspired by the adventures of Sinbad the Sailor, Severin made the transition from Oman to China on a sailing ship, focusing only on zvezdam.V Severin 1984 with a team of 20 rowers repeated the route of the Argonauts in Colchis (West Georgia).The next year he traveled in the footsteps of Ulysses imperishable poem by Homer.

These are only some routes Severin.On his adventures, he wrote a fascinating book, but for "Sinbad's Journey" was awarded the prestigious Thomas Cook.

modern traveler of the 21st century

Despite the fact that the court of the 21st century, the spirit of adventure and love of travel has not disappeared.And now there are people who do not sit at home in comfort, they are attracted the unknown, the unknown.

Among them are modern Russian travelers.Perhaps the most famous of them is Fyodor Konyukhov.

Fedor Konyukhov

Its name is often added to the "first".He was the first of the Russians visited the three poles of the Earth: North, South, and on Everest.The first in the world won five poles - were added to the previous Pole of Inaccessibility in Antarctica and Cape Horn, is considered as such for boaters.The first of the Russians beat the "big seven" - to climb the highest peaks of all continents apart from Europe and Asia separately.

On account of his numerous expeditions, mainly extreme.Grooms made four traveling on a yacht around the world.Member Ski transition "of the USSR - the North Pole - Canada."

His books are read in one breath.In future plans - travel around the world in a balloon.

Dmitry Shparo

Outset: it is a polar explorer and researcher.Back in 1970, he led a ski expedition to the islands of Komsomolskaya Pravda.Three years later, he made a trip to the Taimyr Peninsula in search of the famous polar explorer Edward warehouse Toll.In 1979, under his leadership, it has been made the world's first ski expedition to the North Pole.

One of the most famous campaigns - to Canada through the Arctic Ocean as part of the joint Soviet-Canadian expedition.

In 1998, together with his son on skis crossed the Bering Strait.In 2008, he organized two expeditions to the North Pole.One of them is known for the world's first achievement Pole on skis at night.In the second involved young people aged 16-18 years.

Dmitry Shparo - the organizer of the Club "Adventure".The institution conducts marathons across the country with the participation of people confined to a wheelchair.The most famous was the international climbing Kazbek wheelchair from the Caucasus, Russia and Norway.

modern traveler

Geography modern travel is very extensive.Basically it is poorly understood and difficult to reach areas of the Earth.These trips are often in extreme conditions, requiring the exertion of all forces.

Of course, in one article is difficult to cover all of the names.Anatoly Khizhnyak exploring little-known tribes in the jungles of the Amazon and Papua New Guinea ... Naomi Uemura, alone make a trip to the North Pole, to swim the Amazon, who conquered Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Kilimanjaro, Akonkugua Everest ... Reinhold Messner, the first person, to climb all 14 eight of the world ... Each of them can write a separate book.Their adventures inspire younger generation of travelers.