Who are phlegmatic?

Temperament - a kind of business card of every person.It is on this criterion can be determined traits and analyze personality as a whole.Who are phlegmatic?As experts in the field of psychology, phlegmatic - a real "golden mean" of all types of temperament.Phlegmatic no excessive activity, like choleric, sanguine and positive energy melancholic pessimism.

Who are phlegmatic?Similarities

The nature phlegmatic inherent properties such as poise and restraint of emotions.Such a person is almost impossible to ruffle as phlegmatic is not particularly takes everything to heart.In all cases, he tries to think all is well, without haste, so his decisions are based not on emotion but on facts.This is a true realist, it is fair and reasonable.Phlegmatic good leaders, t. To. They are beneficial to other people: I do not exude negativity, with a cool head are able to understand and to solve any problem, acting on a clear plan, taking into account all the "pros" and "cons".They have virtually no ambitions do not

like fame, public appearances, especially not seek improvement, mediocre.

Sanguine, Phlegmatic.Are there similarities?

With phlegmatic little difficult to communicate, because, in contrast to the sanguine, it almost does not express his emotions.Very funny situation may not even cause a smile, easy smile will suffice.These people are mostly introverts.It may seem that he is indifferent, but it is not.Energy in any event accumulated inside and waiting for his moment to exit.

phlegmatic, melancholic - are two types of people who are quite hard to adapt.At the new place of work in another team phlegmatic will initially difficult, it can turn inward.In any relationship phlegmatic in no hurry, they are looking good.Love begins with friendship, but only well proven.Betrayed by his friends and family, which are a bit - quite a narrow circle of friends.

Who are phlegmatic in life?None of the existing temperaments you will not find so much patience, how many has he.This persistent man, bending his line all the time.Disable this workhorse is almost impossible, as long as the final result will be achieved.Despite the stressful situation has arisen, it will do what it sees fit.With such people usually get along well with them, you can easily arrange, t. To. They do not show to other specific requirements, try to avoid conflicts and disputes, flexible.Self-esteem they usually normal.


Phlegmatic - unsociable people that prevents them from showing their internal peace to the people, to reveal themselves in different spheres.They are quite slow, sometimes too.Izleshnee calm and some hint of passivity can only hurt.Often, they do not have emotions to move up, leap forward, when you need it.He does not like the kind of person changes in the lives of poor and focuses on different cases simultaneously.

Each temperament has its unconditional pluses and minuses, it is absolutely natural in life.Phlegmatic - reliable support for a loved one, he has a loving heart, although the sentiments themselves, and does not show.But is it not more important than words actions?I am sure that you understand now who are phlegmatic.