Finally Learn about what to do if there is nothing

nothing to do?Languishing from boredom and boredom?Lucky!Did not you think?Worried about the question of what to do, if you do nothing?Legkopopravimaya situation.Here is a list, the choice is yours:

1. Take a mug and pour yourself a tea date.What does the date?If you want to lose weight, the date for you - green ginger or cinnamon.For colds - raspberry.During the depression - with Melissa.In general, the meaning is clear.

you are still wondering about what to do if you do nothing?

2. Try to decide with who you are by nature: choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic and sanguine.It is necessary to select a class, the success of which depends on your temperament:

- Choleric gladly will improving figures (exercise, jogging) or rooms in which misses (rearrange the furniture, vobet the wall nail to hang a portrait of the beloved grandfather, etc.. P.).

- Sanguine can do magic cleaning, the magic of which is getting rid of the disease (either thrown unnecessary thing, wrapper, paper clip), pull-luck (washe

d mirror - a magnet for success), adventuring detractors (discarded rubbish and draining water into the toilet after washingfloor), attracting love (watering indoor plants) and so on. d.

- What if there is nothing phlegmatic?Call a friend, or better yet - parents.So you and your duty to fulfill, and hear the opinion of an authoritative person for you, even if the Council did not ask.

- Melancholy may be satisfied with a computer game or a game of chess with himself.

3. If nothing to do, you can turn on the music you like, and before a large mirror to learn new movements.At the next party, these skills will be useful.So you will spend great time and a good mood to stock up for the future.

4. "What if I do nothing?"- weird question.What about interesting reading, exciting film, communicating on the forums?Maybe we should just go for a walk - enjoy the winter evening, or, conversely, to feel the freshness of the spring?

5. On the train, when bothered crossword, tea is drunk again and just do nothing, very good to test your observation skills of reading people's faces, their facial expressions and gestures.You can create a psychological portrait of a neighbor, and then arrange a check on the accuracy, tying him with simple conversation.

6. Why is always something to do?Just enjoy, in the end, "doing nothing."It's so rarely happens!

7. For you "doing nothing" - not an isolated episode of life, and natural?Out here alone - quickly find yourself a hobby!Favorite activity will not let you miss any moment.And if it still will generate income, you go up to a new level of life.

Think about what you like to do: knit, weave baskets, write, draw, make love, to give advice to anyone who needs it, to practice kick.Buyer for any work will be found.You will then also be the fate of thanks for those moments of inactivity, you are prompted to do cultivation.