Tips on how to think like a man

Men and women ... Sometimes we feel that we - a whole simply divided into two different poles.But sometimes it seems that we - being completely different planets, so it's impossible to think the opposite and argue every detail.For example, even the famous phrase, "Men think, women do" can be perceived by us in different ways, since both sexes are striving for independence and excellence of each other.Maybe that's why we can not understand each other, because you can not simultaneously screaming out loud and hear what the other person whispering to you.Also with us: many women are wondering "how to think like a man", but did not apply for that absolutely no effort.Let's still try to determine what are our differences, and how to learn to hear and understand each other in order to achieve peace and harmony.

  • Men insensitive!This may declare virtually any woman, is an example of that, when she upset girlfriend noticed it almost immediately, and her own husband - through at least half a day."What's the ma
    tter?" - You ask.First of all, that in seeking an answer to the question: "How to think like a man?", We forget that the best way we can help with this is her own husband / boyfriend, who is close to, but not books on psychology.The fact that he can not immediately catch your mood, you can easily explain the lack of high-level intuitive abilities with which your girlfriend defines your mood in a minute.Learn how to express their thoughts.This will strengthen relations and will protect many quarrels with her beloved.
  • Men do not know how to listen.Yes, the statement is true, because, in fact, the nature of man to learn to solve problems, not to sit and talk about them, and the woman - on the contrary.That is why today you can often hear that men are not interested in talking about his passion for fashionable clothes and beauty salon.They seem to him foolish, unnecessary, not because he does not like the girl, but because they do not have problems.
  • Men do not notice the details.What men think, but sex?This question is often slips from the lips of the young ladies perturbed.In fact, they thought a lot, but not too much to notice some important details they can not because they are less concentrated.But do not think that you will not need to wear a new dress just because your sweetheart will not notice it.Even so, do not worry and hint on his new clothes themselves.It will not look stupid, you just aktsentiruete his attention to his appearance, and by the end of the evening he will sincerely admire your appearance.
  • Men slow.This is - another problem with finding the answer to the question of how to think like a man, because she simply could not understand how she could do the day before the ten cases, and the guy in the same period of barely do one.Keep in mind that several things at once could only be carried out by Julius Caesar, but all the other men are not capable of.Therefore, do not abuse it, better to let it thoroughly execute one job and go to the next, which will be interrupted in the middle of the first case, he goes on principle and not to bring it to the end.
  • Men do not have feelings.This - the last misconception discuss the question of how to think like a man.Most women are very much mistaken in thinking that the man - a creature without emotions.It's not just their emotions are controlled by how much better than women.That's why the guys are not satisfied with tantrums, do not cry for no reason and did not shout for joy.

And remember: even if they are different, but they need us as much as we are in them!