What stones are suitable Taurus sign?

Taurus - Zodiac sign belonging to the element of earth, which fully affects the character, ability, looks at the lives of people born in this period.Calmness, consistency, practicality, patience, diligence, perseverance - these are the qualities that are inherent in man, born in May.Like all other signs, Taurus need more assistance and protection.And despite the fact that they stand firmly on his feet, confident and seemingly go ahead, amulet or talisman, forcing extensive correct actions, it can not hurt.Therefore, it is important to know what the stones are suitable Taurus, and by whom should stay away.

First of all, we should pay attention to the shades of green crystals.Perhaps this is due to the fact that the green color symbolizes wealth and income, and Earth signs live in the material world.What gems fit Taurus?Of course, those that reveal hidden opportunities, help bring the follow through, will improve the financial condition, will give magic defense.Although representatives of this sign of t

he zodiac and do not differ too much shyness, but still it is useful to carry a talisman that gives self-confidence and their ability to help reach the end in any undertakings.

detractors and envious at the enterprising and successful Taurus enough, so the amulet must protect them from the snares of the enemy, the negative energy directed from the outside, dangerous diseases.The most powerful talisman is considered to turquoise.Reasoning which stones fit Taurus, it is best to opt for the "old" minerals, rather than the "new".The fact that the former have a greenish tint, but the second - sky blue, although these crystals could be coming.

Many centuries ago, people considered a very strong turquoise talisman and a symbol of the winners.Taurus too seriously, this mineral can give some recklessness, but still it will not affect the financial situation in the most risky enterprises stone will win a landslide victory.Turquoise attracts money into the house and stores for many years a good relationship in the family.

Pondering over what the stones are suitable Taurus, pay attention to the malachite, it is a very powerful talisman that mark.More valuable mineral light green shades, because it laid greater mystical forces that were known in ancient times.Stones sign Taurus should not only attract wealth, but also to protect the physical and mental health.Light green malachite shows its properties in diseases of the lungs and heart.

Today you can still find a country in which shamans, medicine men and healers, by applying the stones to the problem areas of the body, cure various diseases.Also, if anyone wants to bring corruption, evil eye, or send to any other person negative, the mascot will take care of all the negative energy.Malachite effectively fights depression, helps to get out of stressful situations, uplifting.That is what the stones are suitable Taurus, primarily depends on the power and properties of minerals.The most useful are: opal, sapphire, jade, emerald, agate.