Analytical note.

development of innovations in Russia is on the right track, the country is experiencing an acute need for the formation of various structures that could improve the performance of all organizations.In our country there is a special body that leads the development of various innovations.So, to improve the activity of enterprises, companies and even banks such innovation was introduced as an analytical note - a document that contains generalized data analysis or study.It is made with a view to updating or formulating the problem, and to provide conclusions.In its content it should describe the proposals for solving the problems identified in the analysis.

Document Structure

standard analytical note on the enterprise must contain a summary, content, introduction, main text, conclusion, signature analyzes and suggestions.At the end of the inspection is to number all pages and specify their number.

Abstract The abstract is necessary to summarize the essence of the document and the reasons for its cr

eation.Also it is necessary to clarify its goals and objectives, methods that have been implemented in the analysis, study results.It is in this part of the specified sources of information on which the creator of the note.The abstract should be placed on pages 2-3.


In this part you need to specify the structure of parts of the analytical report, noting what page is this or that subparagraph as well as to determine the total number of pages.


It should consist of several parts that can not be allocated subtitles, but they should be present.In this section you need to describe the problems and shortcomings.We need to establish objective grounds and reasons analysis.Include all the questions that need to be addressed during the investigation.Also in this part is necessary to specify a technique which has been used in treating the data.

main part

Policy Brief - a document for guidance, which is the most important part of the main.It needs to pay particular attention, since it must accurately describe the state of an organization.It was on the basis of this part will be to identify existing problems in the enterprise.All topics will need to allocate sections.Studies may be carried out based on the self found sources or other literature.At the end of the text should be presented generalizations.


Any analytical note should end forecasts, conclusions and proposals.Conclusions are made on the basis of the results obtained during the study.This part is not necessary to repeat the main part, it is necessary to make a generalization.Conclusions must be logical and connected to the main text.Not welcome the exact repetition of the text.One can not conclude from the fact that there has been described above.Be sure to check up to have the overall rate of the processes in the long term.Information should be clear and concise, without too much water.The conclusion should not be more than one page.In the West, the phrase denotes analytical note Executive summary.It is made to the authorities of the enterprise or organization, so that they can estimate the state of the company.If necessary, it can be given to how to deal with existing problems, taking into account the conclusions and recommendations of the note.