We do yourself talismans for good luck

Who does not need luck?Most people are only too happy to grab it by the tail, unwilling to let go, and even someone to share.Can I somehow imagine this help?Of course, you only need to buy or make your own luck talismans.


If a person is lucky in financial need, then you can prepare yourself the following talisman.Make sure all steps necessary to carry out the first day of the new moon.So, six days in a row on a new moon necessary to collect all the little thing that will come across - change, coins, found on the road or in their own bag.On the seventh day the money to buy a thing, which collected enough amount.This can be a pen, kulochnik or just a souvenir.If you will surrender, it must be thrown over the shoulder, said: "For all have paid and paid in full.The key to my words. "After that you should go, without turning around.Items purchased on the money collected, and will be a talisman that will bring luck and wealth to man.

Force spring

Make talismans for good luck will also help

force the spring.If ever there will be able to be in such a place, do not lose a great chance.We need to pick up at the creek stone, paint on it what is lacking in your life that like to have (this can be a home, family, wealth, etc.) and just genuinely believe that this is true.Stone, wedged in his hand, will take on the power of desire.Before leaving, it must be thrown into the water, it will try to do everything as planned people.


all probably know that horseshoe - a talisman, bringing luck.It should be reserved and therefore subject.It can be made of any material - steel, wood and even cardboard.Horseshoe can also simply sew.The only thing worth remembering that the horseshoe should hang up the legs, as if inviting to her positive energy from the sky and bringing good luck to the house.

Wheel of Fortune

There are talismans for good luck in the game.They are ideal for people gambling.To do this, you can buy or make your own wheel of fortune.Front to this coin will show off a sign of fortune, on the back side of the symbol should be placed Jupiter, which will bring prosperity, optimism and untold riches.


You can also stock up on luck using conspiracy talisman for good luck.To do this, proceed as follows.The first day of the waxing moon is necessary to make a bag of red cloth, and put the next set of herbs: rosemary, bay leaf, mint, a pinch of allspice, clove and fennel.Thus it is necessary to read the "Our Father" and to sentence the following words: "Lodge grass on the dictates of God, taking the good fortune and luck.Amen! ยป

number to help sort out all

talismans for good luck, you can also make another assistant.There is already a certain number will work.Prepare pentagram quite simple.It is necessary to make any material likeness of coins, which would be dealt to a certain number.Depending on what I want to get out there will show off a number from 1 to 9. In this edinichka make a person a leader in any team, deuce will find a couple or friend, the three - a success in creative activity, will give the owner four pentagrams stability Fiveneed players gambling people, six - careerists, seven assist in Globe, eight will give a steady income, while nine give a lot of positive energy person.