Name Vic: the importance and influence on the fate of

choosing the name of your child, we want it to be not only beautiful and sonorous, but also protects him and determined his life.For example, Vick - a nice name for a girl, fully - Victoria that Latin means "victory".He called that name their child, the parents, of course, hope that their child will not know anything defeats, but in life is to walk confidently and firmly.But is it really, and how to determine the fate of the girl's name Vick, the value of which we consider in this article?

name value in the history of

name Victoria has come to us from Roman mythology, so styled goddess of victory, which was originally called Vic Pot.This name is similar to another - Nick.She, too, by the way, was the goddess of victory, but only in Greece.Before this deity inclined, he was revered, so in Rome, was erected a temple on the Palatine dedicated to Victoria, and in August in her honor was erected an altar in the curia of the Senate.The image of the deity on coins minted and, as a sign of the victory of

a ruler in the war.Name Vick, the value of which was revered in ancient Rome, it appeared in Russia not so long ago.It came to us in the XVIII century during the reign of Peter I. Very popular name in Italy, but in Christianity it is not used, therefore, the sacrament of baptism, a girl named Nika record.

Name Vic: The value in psychology

In life, Victoria has always opposed to men, and everywhere - at home and at work.Actively speaks and advocates for women's equality in all, considering that the weaker sex constantly suffers the humiliation of men.He tries to be always the first and meet their victorious name, nothing to give to men.Vick is so keen opposition that thinks about his family only years later, when it may already be in vain.

Name Vic: character value

woman whom he called the name of Victoria, stubborn, cunning and very active.At the same time it's pretty self-willed man.Such traits like kindness, determination and amorous - it is also the value of the name of Vic.A child with the same name as a child often brings parents to the boiling point.It happens that it comes to severe punishment and even flogging.Therefore, the girl grows hesitant and tries to hide it in various ways: it is too short skirt causes wear or dress, with spirits overdo it, it begins to behave that attracts everyone's attention.Often Vic very much like his father and takes him traits such as stubbornness, iron will and man's mind.Often lazy, it may withdraw into themselves.

What is the name of Vic in the professional field

Victoria chooses, as a rule, such a profession, where all results will depend only on herself.For a girl with the same name will approach such a degree as a teacher, an educator, a nurse, a scientist or a doctor.Victoria, with a spectacular appearance, can easily try their hand at the role model or a mannequin.Assertiveness and the ability to organize things can make a nice head of Vicky.And though she does not always get the success it still will come, though not immediately.The diligent work of Victoria, so always gets her way.

love affairs

The soul girl named Victoria hesitant, but never show it to others.This feature will hide behind the stubbornness and meticulously.To his admirers will treat fastidiously and constantly doubt - that if she chose.Victoria needed empathetic partner who will be careful and attentive to her.In relations Vick very sensitive, sincere and caring girl.But she would never forgive lies or betrayal.