Name Lena value and the forecast for Life

question about what is the name of Lena, is not as simple as it may seem.Today, there are a number of theories that explain its origin.On this - on.

mysterious name Lena

value of this name is ambiguous.As mentioned above, to date, there is no one theory that explains its origin.They are at least three.

  1. believed that Lena (Elena) - a word from ancient Greek, meaning "torch".
  2. Another theory is that the name of Lena - it's "Moon" and "selected" and "light."
  3. There is a third view: the name Lena, the value of which is still unknown, is the pre-Greek origin, here are just some - is unknown.His interpretation was lost in the dark ages, but definitely it is clear that all have to do with Elena light - the moon or mental.

name Lena.Meaning in life


Little Lena lives in harmony with their parents and peers.Her pretty early starts to pull to the beauty she seeks vital role as a favorite and better.You should not allow this to her.Otherwise, it may grow uncontrolled princess or a s

tar!In addition, the girl some inherent laziness, procrastination, slow and imposing reaction to everything that happens.It does not always lead to positive results.Therefore, parents have a child you need to motivate your child, but do not overdo it!Pressure on the girl is not necessary.


Lena younger teens already attracts boys.This helps her charm and friendliness.Outwardly it looks flashy.For luxury and jewelry Lena generally indifferent.


Under the guise of a hill, naivety and immaturity hiding schemer (sometimes even a liar) with a strong will and passionate character.


Elena adores the male society, but with women it has a very cautious, even hostile.Name Lena, whose value is so confusing and unclear in adult life of its owner is endowed with such unseemly qualities as envy, spletnichynie and so on. D. That is why this woman hates other people's victory.

love life

Lena ohotlivy to flirt, but never anybody will not give her.But if a woman in love, it's serious ... She can sacrifice everything, making their lives brighter and brighter.

Everyday life

Elena in his everyday life appreciates tranquility and peace, pleasant experience and the love of his halves.Unfortunately, some of laziness she does not ever get rid of.In addition, a woman in a life quite vulnerable and touchy.


do you think that means the name Lena in professional activities?That's right!It is an independent person, do not accept a regular and continuous work.It is characterized by some art and everything that is somehow related to beauty ... It is a super-fancy, creative mind and a sharp tongue is a great help in learning.

If Lena likes her job, the woman begins to be zealous, going with the thoughts, becomes uncharacteristic efficiency, inventing new ways to address those or other problems.