"I hate myself!"

In our information age, full of glossy magazines and social labels, it is very difficult to maintain the psychological state of the form.A man from an early age to impose all sorts of ideals and images, without which in a more conscious age, he can not do.As a result of the strain of self a person begins to perceive itself through the prism of negative emotions.Launched mechanism can not stop, and there is a destructive self-hatred.

«I hate myself!" - Often such words can be heard not only from the mouth of a teenager, but also from an adult, self-sufficient person.This is not selfishness or desire to draw attention to such statements.This problem has a much deeper psychological roots.

Often the phrase "I hate myself and want to die" can be heard from the lips of honors, Intermediate, beauty or handsome, a first-class athlete, a better manager and so on. D. Typically, the syndrome of self-hatred affects people who are prone to perfectionism andidealizing themselves.For example, the student used t

o, that he is always at the forefront of what he learns and perfect for him any exam - not a problem.But should he stumble once, once a mistake - and the whole world is collapsing.For example, an A student in any exam will receive an average rating instead of the usual five - this situation will result in tragedy for him.And the only conclusion would be the phrase: "I hate myself, I'm a loser!"Student for a long time out of the track, it will start to engage in self-flagellation.Sometimes, when a person alone can not get out of the veil of self-loathing, he might commit suicide.

To live in this world with love for yourself and others, should never idealize themselves, life situation or other people.After all, the man who idealizes itself, at the slightest slip will break, because he would have to change the "rose-colored glasses" on a realistic outlook.The reason for hatred - the usual anger directed inward: I do not meet her same ideals, so I hate myself.

Usually such attacks hate dull vision of himself.The man begins to lose touch with the real world, it is completely immersed in their own grievances, cease to respond adequately to the impulses of others.Any phrase or a casual glance it seems insulting and degrading.In trying to help it react irritably and aggressively.Most of it can be heard: "Leave me alone!I want to be alone!As I'm tired of you!I hate myself! "Life begins to seem eternal struggle with the outside world.But in fact, there is a struggle "real self" with the "ideal self."

Stories sign not one case where self-hatred projected onto the outside world and the loved ones.In such a case, the person became a tyrant for friends and family.Having chosen a victim, it begins to destroy the morale.Moreover, the harder it is hurting any innocent person, the more you get pleasure from the process.In this way, "hates himself" asserts itself and flatters the pride of their "ideal self."

The above symptoms can lead to serious consequences for himself and others.So you need to burn your own ideal and love "moment I" for what it is: with all the weaknesses and delays, speech errors, excess weight and other things.After all, life is given once, and it is best to live with your eyes open to realistic and diverse world.