Frankly about what men want from women

Beautiful and strong half of mankind are so different that sometimes it becomes unclear how they all managed to connect?What men want from women?Multi-volume work of psychologists, philosophers and psychologists are responsible not only to the question.Scientists know and what women want from men.Only research is to examine the need for a reply will disappear by itself ... But do not despair, the answer to the burning question you learn here and now.

main thing men want from women, it's ... No, no sex, and a sincere interest in it.Attention and care - the first, that he wanted to feel the man next to the woman.Affectionate, joyful meeting of view, without a trace of resentment and reproach.He wants someone to take care of him well or bad, whether it is full or hungry, tired, or cheerful, warm or whether he is cold.Of course, it can be like a "mom", but there are significant differences: in compliance measures and intonation full of languid love.

next most important item of the list, what men want

from women is wisdom.When listening attentively, support and give valuable advice, it's worth it.This woman not necessarily be an expert in the professional field of his men, a hint may be given on the way out of the conflict situation, for example, tying useful contacts, investing money and so on.

groomed - that's what men want from women.No, I do not meet him every time in full dress and heels.But the unit clean and tidy - necessary.Sincerity and fidelity in a relationship.Flattery will sooner or later be recognized, and it is followed by the least - alienation.But loyalty - it's so natural state of love, which is not surprising, when a change the following gap.Sincerity in sexual relations is also important for men.Simulating turbulent passions almost as disappointing as treason.A frank and a desire to please each other - holds better relations forged chains.

Another man wants to believe that he is - a source of happiness a woman.Proof of this are the smiles radiated half at the meeting, and provocative laugh at his jokes.As well as light in the eyes of sadness at parting even for a short while.He likes cute sms, kissing at a meeting and other small courtesies.Believe me, a woman to a man after work flies on the wings of love, and trying anything to surprise favorite: flowers, cake, and even jewelry.

And another important point.A man needs freedom.Not in the sense that it can change a woman right and left.He must be convinced that your meeting runs not on orders, and not because it obliges the stamp in the passport, and on their own.And that desire not to waste ... re-read the article again.

Such is the psychology of men and women.Books written by scientists, gives details about every nuance of their relationship and may be a good guide to the world of understanding and love.