Single for life.

Someone likes to be surrounded by many friends.Someone dreams of a large family with a horde of small children and lots of periodically visiting relatives.Many of us are constantly talking to colleagues, consulting with them on all issues of personal life ... But there are people who can say with confidence: "I am a loner in life."

What does this mean for people?What is the "single for life"?So people do not need nobody, neither friends nor family or partner.They believe that an excellent job with everything on their own.They think that only their opinion is the only correct, they are not willing to listen to anyone's advice.They do not want to be someone called and broke their peace.They are so cozy and comfortable.They have a small and at the same time, a huge inner little world in which they do not want to let anyone, because they think that as soon as there will be someone else, then he will definitely deteriorate.

They are sure to be a family, but it will not consist of a bunch of relatives wh

o come from time to time without prior notice.In his family, they are willing to not only see themselves and their children.Well, if you touch the women, and the life of a single mother is not really so bad as everyone thinks.These ladies believe that anybody should nothing, except their children, of course.They believe that no one will annoy them change and a bad mood, family quarrels and scandals.

Why is it so easy?Some of them are disappointed in people.They began to believe that all their actions are stupid and selfish.They narrowed the circle of dialogue to a minimum and to protect themselves and their lives an imaginary wall, when they realized that their problems do not happen because of themselves and because of the strangers.To avoid this, they are excluded from their lives of innocent people.

Many people think that a single for life - it is some kind of punishment, sent from above, they do not understand that people with such views themselves choose this path, they shut themselves off from society, thick walls, so as not to see or hear what is happeningbeyond horror.

like life chooses a wolf.He one day just out of his hateful flocks to live under their own laws, not to submit to outside opinion.It creates a family, and it dominated only by his orders.He is also a loner in life.

What's wrong with that, if a man, no one at the same time without interfering with the just lives his life and does not climb into someone else's?However, in all ages of people they disliked and feared.They did not understand and beware.Of them no one knew anything, because they do nothing anyone did not tell myself.That is why they are considered to be some kind of not quite normal, and did not like them for that reason.These people have always been too complex for general understanding.

Who are these people?You can call them whatever you like: silent intellectuals simply eccentric, slightly abnormal - anyway.In fact they call themselves a "single for life."

views of such people may change over the years, both in one and in the other direction.I'm just so comfortable at some point in their lives.They are so relaxed, comfortable and cozy.They believe that only in this way can be confident in their future, that no they did not spoil.