How to make a cat in "maynkraft" - tame ocelot

So today we will talk with you about how to make a cat in "maynkraft."It's pretty nice and beautiful creation that will always follow you.So let's begin with you as soon as possible is a difficult job.


But before you engage in domestication, let's see what kind of animal is.Play "Maynkraft" with a cat - a small business is quite fun and interesting.The animal will follow you and even sometimes help.

cat in this game - a friendly mob, which is able to frighten some monsters.If you take your pet with you to the cave, you can not be afraid of enemies - they are a kilometer bypass you, sensing eared companion nearby.

In addition, if you are thinking how to make a cat in "maynkraft", it means that you are likely to become lonely.The kitten will be waiting for you at home and meet at the entrance.True, this mob has feline habits and character.For example, to drive away the animal with a bed or box will be very difficult.Seals can be diluted.

In addition, in the game there are only three bre

eds of cat.Red - the most common.Then there is black.Siamese cats - is the rarest creatures.However, all eared friends are very cute look.Let's see what offers us "Maynkraft."How to make a cat and game?


It should disappoint those who think they can flick of the wrist to type the key combination, then the cat will move into your inventory.The thing is that in order to answer the question of how to make a cat in "maynkraft have a little tough. This is because that crafted this creation is impossible. Only tame.

Whom should lure to themselves?Of course, the wild cat. It is called the Ocelot. It is a very shy creature who loves to watch the players. It is easy to frighten away. It has red color. Hiding on the trees and high bushes. It can be found in the field or jungle.

So ifdo you think, how to make a cat in "maynkraft", then you'll have to do the domestication ocelot. Now we talk about how to do it. After all, in case of failure will have a long time to chase the animal.


So, in order tomake plans, you have to be prepared properly. For starters, you have to be patient - the domestication does not always happen the first time. So be patient.

second component that we need - is the bait.They love cats, cat family?Of course, the fish.Take the bait and go fishing!We need many, many fish.When the inventory has accumulated a large quantity, you can proceed directly to the domestication.Let's see how this process goes.


So now we should move to a more concrete action.If you are thinking how to make a cat in "maynkraft" of the ocelot, then, of course, first you have to look for a wild animal.Found?Then let's move on.

Now take up the fish and carefully approach the future of your cat.Be careful - do not scare away the animal.If that happens, then you are unlikely to be able to tame it.Make sure that before you have enough space (more is better).Demonstrate the cat fish and slowly approaches him.It is best to walk in the direction of the animal when the ocelot facing away from you.

Sooner or later the cat will still be interested in your bait.Begin to feed him.Make it so that he did not lose interest in you.After several "feedings" over his head at the ocelot hearts begin to appear.At this time, you need to approach it and click the right mouse button.Ocelot appears on the collar, and he will change its color.Now a wild animal was your kitten.

That's all.Nothing complicated.Now that you know how to make a cat in "maynkraft."