«Leffe» - beer with a very strong character

There is not a Belgian who have never heard of «Leffe».The beer with the same name is widely known both domestically and abroad.

it all began

all started hundreds of years ago, when the monks of the abbey Catholics distant «Notre Dame de Leffe» began to cook a wonderful ale.In those days, this was done by many of the clergy in their secluded retreats.They named the drink «Leffe».Beer gets its name as a tribute to the place where the priests lived and treated with daily prayers to the god.This was back in 1152.But, in spite of everything, this humble and hardworking people fate was prepared for a difficult fate.For 750 years, the ancient monastery was repeatedly plundered, several times it was destroyed, suffered flooding, and even burned after a raid troops of Duke Charles.In the late 19th century, the abbey was confiscated by the new government, and novices were forced to leave their monastery.The ability to return only appeared in 1902.But only 50 years later the monks managed to restore the pro

duction of its famous «Leffe».Beer has regained its former glory.Since they are interested in not only the ordinary judges, but also the most well-known manufacturers of beer in the country.The largest beer company in Belgium «Interbrew» has acquired the right to produce products of this brand and has since started this "era of Leffe."And near the old abbey museum was opened «Leffe».The beer of the same name it - the main exhibit.

Reviews of beer

Corporation «Anheuser-Busch InBev», formed by the merger of two leading companies in the country, made a popular beer is one of its leading brands.Developed several names famous drink, and customers have already formed a definite opinion about each of them.

Most people approve of beer «Leffe».Reviews rest can be seen as an exception to the rule.

opinions beer "Leffe" Variety
№ p / p Product Name Customer Reviews
1 Blonde combination of hops and spices givesdrink refined taste
2 Tripel the fortress recalls the wine and the taste is not inferior to him.Piquancy gives slightly sour
3 9 ° resistant foam.The successful combination of bitterness, strength and sweetness
4 Lentebier soft and gentle
5 Radieuse taste.The successful combination of exoticism, elegance and clarity.Well with any meal
6 Brune suitable for acute and fatty foods
7 Ruby light, sweet, with a pleasant color and odor

Eitheroffered drinks worthy to try it at least once in life, and form your own opinions.

sorta famous drink

new drink was not like anything that has produced in the world.Monks slightly improved traditional technology.As a result the beer that they boiled, was stronger and more dense.But, oddly enough, the high content of alcohol (over 6 percent), it is almost not felt.Perhaps this contributed to a variety of fruit flavors and spices that are added to the basic recipe.Therein lies his personality.Belgian beer «Leffe» want to try many, and some states (Israel, Ukraine) even acquired the license to produce the drink in their home country.However, the quality of such products from the experts is often in doubt.But this only adds a certain way "Leffe" the importance and popularity.

Currently the world market known to several varieties of the famous drink:

varieties of beer "Leffe" and their features
№ p / p Product Name Color Alcohol content,% Features (flavor)
1 Leffe Blonde bright 6,6 lemon, honey and spices
2 Leffe Tripel bright 8,4 citrus and coriander
3 Leffe 9 ° bright 9 taste smoked
4 LeffeLentebier bright spring
5 Leffe Radieuse semi-dark 8,2 fruit
6 Leffe Brune dark 6,5 roasted caramel
7 Leffe Ruby red 5 sweetness

Years made famous beer is just better, and a variety of speaks for itself.

Fun in the circle

Considering the wishes of consumers, the world-famous corporation produces beer «Leffe» draft.The enterprises put into operation the line for the production of beer in kegs capacity of 30 liters.Basically so packed most popular drinks: «Blonde» and «Brune».They are happy to take on the implementation of the many pubs around the world.This is not surprising, because they are considered the most outstanding representatives of light and dark Belgian beer.For example, light «Blonde», having a delicate aroma and a spicy, refined taste, is perfect for any special occasion, and to enjoy in splendid isolation.A dark «Brune» can be served for dinner or a drink at any time of the day with tapas meat.

increased strength and density of the drink stands out from the crowd.His taste and organoleptic characteristics, according to experts and ordinary consumers, are worthy of the highest praise.Its price is considerably higher than even the cost of many German marks, but its product is fully justified.