How to make a niche in the room?

Apartments with niches are the best option plan, which offers great opportunities for original design ideas.However, much depends on the correctness of the chosen direction.Before you issue the niche, you need to understand:

  1. What is it?
  2. What kind of species it is?
  3. What does?

general concept

Niche - hole in the wall, which can be used as a decorative element and as functional.Its size can be very different, as well as form, from classical to abstract shapes rectangle.In some residential areas niches are provided at the design stage.They act beyond the room, while quite spacious and can be used, for example, to accommodate a large built-in wardrobe, arrangement or playing mini-cabinet.

Construction decorative niches not require global redevelopment, using drywall creates small holes in the wall, which is usually used to hold shelves or as a contrasting accent to a specific subject.

In order to select the correct version of how to make a niche in the room, first of all, you must adhere to the

overall style and choose harmonious color decoration.


Types There are three main varieties:

  • Functional .Their main purpose - to hide the shortcomings of layout, ie batteries, tubing or wiring.Also, they are used to accommodate specific Embedded household items and furniture, such as a television, home theater, music center, rack, sofa, wardrobe.A feature of such recesses are dimensioned essentially their depth - from 0.5 to 1.5 m. For small apartments using precisely this type is sometimes acceptable only if it is not going to establish a bed or any other piece of furniture is bulky.But for large premises such an option - a finding that opens up a huge choice for interior decoration.
  • Decorative .The appointment of such niches - the decoration of the space of the room.They install additional lighting with a soft and diffuse light that does not just complement the interior and give it a mystery and originality.Functional filling of niches can be changed depending on the mood today to hang pictures, and tomorrow to replace them with an aquarium.Compact - the main advantage of being able to use this form for small rooms, and large.
  • Floor niche constructed and contrast to highlight the large carved statues or large apartment plants. They are raised above the floor level of 0.5 - 0.8 m, and their form depends on the subject, which will be located in them.They fit perfectly into the interior of the hall or foyer.However, before you arrange a niche in the hallway, all you need to carefully plan, weighing room sizes and features of its plan.

Variety design

decorating niches requires strict stylistic approach, which must comply with the basic design direction chosen for the entire space of the room.

  • Country. most commonly used decorative options with shelves simple unpretentious form.The basic rule of this style - simplicity and ease throughout.
  • Retro .Nishi arranged symmetrically with respect to each other.Basically, they are decorated with murals, paintings or photographs.
  • Classic .She optimally meet both the strict rectangular shape and arched design.Harmoniously will look carved moldings or trim around the edges of the niche in white.Most often used for decorating fireplaces, highlight the recreation area.
  • Oriental styles not represent the interior without niches.Preference is given to an arched shape with a soft and smooth lines.The color scheme chosen in bright, saturated colors.Accent light decoration favor natural fabrics.
  • Minimalism .How to make a niche in this style?Of course, a minimum of decoration elements.However, you can play the shape and color palette.It is the use of such a design course to help get away from the monotony and boredom of the interior.

Location niches

choice of location for the construction of niches depends on the arrangement of furniture.This must occur so that the one in any case does not prevent other.Depending on the environment can be used symmetrically or asymmetrically disposed recess.For their construction using the free wall, giving it a contrast.Symmetrical design balance and arrange the interior, filling it with harmony and elegance.But asymmetrical shapes, contrast, enliven the space, making it an unusual and extraordinary.

size of the room and its layout features primarily affect the configuration of the niche.In narrow spaces preferred horizontal design with a mirror finish.Using this design it is possible to move visually expand the space.The apartments with high ceilings is recommended to install vertical niches, decorated with carved wooden panels, natural stone or stucco.This finish will give the room grandeur, rich look and sophistication.

How to make a niche located near the window?This can be used as a vertical design that captures the whole wall, and horizontal - to hide communications.


Prerequisite for decorative and functional niches - extra light sources.Deep structures - just blackout, so there is a need for artificial lighting.You can create an original composition of spotlights, which not only fulfill the basic function, but also act as a decoration.Also, to enhance the contrast allocation of a specific object used fluorescent lamps or LED strip.

Before niche issue, using different lighting, it is necessary to determine the items that will be located there.And on this basis, to choose the most appropriate source of illumination.

Appointment niches

functionality quite diverse niches.The most common options recommended by the designers:

  1. Niche-rack. Mostly used in children's rooms and offices for ordering books, magazines and other documents.The color scheme is recommended pastel colors to create a relaxed atmosphere in the room.
  2. Niche for furniture. Basically this type of construction in the bedroom, giving it originality.The headboard is decorated in such a way that it spotlights the recreation area, shelves for small items, accessories, and tables.Alternatively, for one-bedroom apartment can be used to isolate a niche bed.
  3. Niche decor has no functional purpose, but acts only as a contrasting interior decoration.For its textured finish selected materials such as natural stone, decorative plaster, mosaics, stained-glass windows.Their form has to be catchy, unusual and intriguing.
  4. niches for household appliances. often used for televisions and home theater systems, and may also find use in other rooms.For example, how to make a niche in the kitchen for a refrigerator or a washing machine?Simply build a plasterboard wall, decorated with its original lighting and shelves.
  5. Niche-in wardrobe. great option for small apartments, which will greatly save space and relieve the space.If the hole in the wall large enough, you can build a spacious dressing room.
  6. niche as the main source of lighting. In such designs the basic details are lamps, which have a different direction.

How to make a niche in the living room?

Modern designers offer relevant ideas for decorating residential space.Living room - one of the main rooms, which can fully characterize the hosts, so its design should be approached carefully thought through every detail.Niche for it - the best option, which allows to get rid of the monotony of tiresome procedure of standard solutions.Such structures can be several, but their size must be small.These niches are arranged beautiful vases, figurines, photos.Originally they will look at the pictures.If the preference is given to a large niche, then it is used to isolate the fireplace or home appliances, such as TV.Also quite harmoniously will look in her aquarium with exotic fish.

unusual bedroom design

This room is used for recreation, bedroom space - especially individual.Therefore, furnished it, we must remember that it is from the comfort of the room depends on the health of the home.How to make a niche in the bedroom, it is not easy to fit into the interior, and become a mysterious twist?There are several options:

  1. Decorative deepening bedside give elegance and emphasize the purpose of the room.
  2. Zoning.For sufficiently large size of the room you can clearly identify a relaxation area and an office.
  3. furniture arrangement in niches will relieve the room, making it an easy, free and spacious.

Niche - the most successful variant for registration of premises.They can decorate a room, becoming a key element of the interior.They are also used to correct the layout and hide some defects.To build your own niche not be easy, for this we need a set of tools necessary materials and compliance with certain technologies.