How to Choose Wallpaper: Briefing

How to choose wallpaper?Make it easy in the sense that a lot of them in any hardware store: for every taste and color.On the other hand, choosing wallpaper is necessary not only at the level of "like - not like it."They must be chosen by the interior, as well as taking into account the specific characteristics and functionality.

begin with the instructions on the label

Most people on labels simply do not pay attention.However, sometimes it can be very helpful.About how to choose the wallpaper, you need to think well before gluing.Many wallpapers have a number of features that are in the eye does not define or simply not pridash their value.Difficulties may arise in the process of gluing.

Take two minutes to read the information on the label in shop

Icons on labels usually indicate whether you want to select a picture or you can glue them randomly.By the way, it does not necessarily have to be on the wallpaper pattern that they needed to glue with the selection.If you do not see this informa

tion in advance, it will appear that sticked on the wall wallpaper perfectly demonstrate the joints - is not very aesthetically pleasing, unless, of course, is not the idea of ​​the designer.

Some wallpapers require multidirectional gluing strips to align the relief depth.

What type of wallpaper to choose?

How to choose wallpaper, based on their performance?

Wallpapers are light and heavy.They are divided into conventional, water-resistant, washable and supermoyuschiesya.For example, for the kitchen it is possible to choose supermoyuschiesya not to worry about what may stain near the stove or switch: they can be easily cleaned with water and detergent.Such information can be gleaned from the label on the wallpaper.

Wallpapers are divided into groups according to the criteria underlying a finishing material.

Non-woven.They may be paintable and patterned.These wallpapers do not break easily stretch, handy when gluing, because it does not require greasing sheets glue - glue is applied only on the wall.

Glass wall - decorative coating resembling cloth stekolovolokna.This eco-friendly material that offers versatility for any premises.

Liquid wallpaper reminiscent of decorative plaster, clean, have a sound and thermal insulation properties, airtight.Sold as a mixture, which is mixed with water.After drying to form a flat surface, camouflage flaws walls.Perfect for hallways, bedrooms, kitchens.

Vinyl wallpaper - ply material: one layer of paper, the second film (PVC).This embossed wallpaper, resistant to moisture, exposure to the sun.Characterized by increased service life.Suitable for almost any room.

Paper wallpaper most traditional and cheap.They are inferior to other varieties of strength, afraid of the water, quickly fade.But please incredible variety of designs and colors.These wallpapers are good for those who like to frequently change the wall coverings.

Textile wallpaper expensive and very beautiful, imitate the texture of the fabric.They require periodic vacuuming.It is best to glue them in rooms where there are fewer people, for example, in the office.

Assessing especially pasted room, you can decide how to select the wallpaper just for this room.

How to calculate the required number of favorite wallpaper?

should not be focused on the approximate calculation of the table.Measure the height of the room in a few places, determine the total width.So it is possible to calculate the wallpaper without pattern.If it is necessary to glue the fitting, the flow rate is naturally increased.Note that the door and window openings and all other architectural projections and irregularities also lead to an increase in consumption of wallpaper: there is a lot of scraps.Therefore, you should always buy the rolls with a small margin.

How to choose the color of the wallpaper?

Color Wallpaper should correspond with the color of the interior room.Of course, one need not look full of coincidences, enough respect for the relevant one color.Or vice versa, the effect of contrast.

Choose wallpaper for the bedroom, living room or nursery can be based on considerations that are relevant here are discreet neutral colors that will not get bored, because in these rooms we spend a lot of time.But with the color of the wallpaper for the hallway, kitchen and other rooms you can experiment.