Labor Economics at the enterprise

Work - a deliberate and purposeful activity, which is used in the production as well as the sale of goods and services.Any jobs that are performed by professionals, are a work.This is the main condition under which society exists and develops.

Labor Economics is implemented in the labor force - the mental and physical abilities of people.Under market conditions, the labor force is a capital that is sold to the owner.Therefore, the work in this case acts as a commodity.

labor market - the most important of all market resources.Like any other, it creates demand and supply.Humans created a proposal that expresses the desire of the economically active people sell their labor power for some price and at a certain period of time.

demand for labor - is the amount of labor that can be sold at any price.

Labor Economics - is an industry that considers the interactions of employees, means of labor, as well as the processes of reproduction, productivity.

workings is the number of goods produced per unit ti

me employee.The more productive the process is, the more a product is made, the less labor.

Labor Economics is that hiring the organization is compared with the additional revenue that can be obtained due to the emergence of a new workforce.As long as the income is greater spending on compensation of employees, hiring new employees is beneficial.But we should remember that the demand for labor should be a limit to the company did not carry losses.

Labor Economics includes the salaries of employees, investment in human capital, etc.Compensation granted to employees for the implementation of their activities.Its value depends on the wage rate per unit of time.But there are some kinds of wages, where the rate takes many forms.

costs that are associated with increased skills of workers and increase productivity, represent an investment in human capital.They are of three types - education personnel, expenditure on health (disease prevention, care in hospitals) and the cost of mobility.

With regard to the health of employees is very important economy safety.It is a means of preserving the life and health of employees, as long as they are in the course of employment.Employees must be instructed on occupational safety.Each of them should know what to do in a particular emergency situation that may occur in the workplace.

In the current market conditions for enterprises characterized by innovative human resources management.Labor economics in this case is related to the transition of production to the process execution, which requires highly skilled workers.They should be able to make a decision, and to ensure a high yield and quality of work.