How to sell a tank in World of Tanks?

Today, many players are thinking about how to sell a tank in World of Tanks.Everyone on there may be personal reasons, but in order to quickly and accurately turn the deal, originally best to prepare for it in advance and understand all the intricacies that ultimately do not be deceived and do not miss the money.

Why do people sell the accounts?

In fact, there are quite a number of reasons due to which people are starting to think about how to sell a tank in World of Tanks.Someone is disappointed in the next update, which produces a lot of Wargaming.Perhaps each player faced with such a situation, when his favorite technique suddenly fell under the "nerf", then drive it was already far not so good as before.

But some are beginning to think about how to sell a tank in World of Tanks, just feeling the need for money.Birthdays, exams, suddenly emerging challenges - There are many reasons why a person may need money urgently, and the best option would be easy to sell in the account "tank", and then

start a new one.

Someone just bored, "tank", and he wants to start playing a different game.And to somehow compensate for your time and possibly money, thinking about how to sell a tank in World of Tanks.

How to Sell?

There are several ways how you can sell your account.The choice is entirely yours will depend on what it is you sell tanks.


So, if you think about how to sell a tank in World of Tanks other players to get the maximum amount of money that will suit you the option of using specialized websites, which are auctions of accounts.On these sites you can not only guaranteed to sell your account, but, among other things, make it more profitable.At present the most popular sites of their own system of evaluation.It allows you to determine how valid is the price, asking for account how useful the player in combat, which has the statistics and so forth.

Private Transaction

can just sell your account, agreeing with someone via "Skype" orother means of communication.In the overwhelming majority of cases of so doing, agreeing beforehand on communicating with members of a certain large clan.Thus, you can more quickly implement your account, however, you will likely get him less money than they could make it through the auction.

worth noting that selling your tank in World of Tanks through personal deal, you have the right to understand that trusting a stranger to you people is definitely not worth it, and therefore be sure to think about how to ensure the integrity of operations.The best option in this case would be to use the services of foreign sites that provide services to the guarantor.

Often these sites for a nominal fee are ready to act as a party that validates the integrity of the transaction conducted.It is worth noting that the experts on these sites not only see to it that all parties get them designed, but also check that eventually the seller has not been possible fraudulent ways to return the account back to his property.Thus, the transaction is obtained absolutely fair and transparent, with the cost of services such guarantees are virtually undetectable, even if sold relatively inexpensive account.The very same conduct of the transfer procedure in the overwhelming majority of cases is only a few minutes.